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Healing Online: 8 Soothing Squarespace Templates for Therapists [2024]

Building a professional website is essential for therapists who want to connect with clients online.

Squarespace offers numerous templates that make it easy for therapists to create a polished, user-friendly site without needing to hire a designer.

These templates help therapists present their services, share their expertise, and communicate effectively with site visitors.

The right template can enhance a therapist’s online presence, featuring soft colors and layouts that create a serene atmosphere.

Choosing from a selection of the best templates, therapists can find options that best suit their brand and professional needs.

This guide aims to help therapists navigate their choices and build a standout website.

Key Takeaways

  • Squarespace provides many professional templates suitable for therapists.

  • Tips for customizing these templates can improve a therapist's online presence.

  • A well-chosen template helps create a welcoming and professional site.

Top Squarespace Templates for Therapists

1. Apex by Oneforme

Our Apex is the Squarespace template that elevates individual contributors to new heights of professional presentation.

This sleek and powerful design is tailored for coaches, consultants, experts, and thought leaders across diverse industries who aim to showcase their unique expertise with style and substance.

Apex's clean, fresh aesthetic creates an immediate sense of trust and professionalism, setting the stage for meaningful connections with your audience.

The template's intuitive layout guides visitors through your story, services, and credentials with effortless grace, transforming casual browsers into engaged leads.

Every element of Apex is strategically crafted to highlight your knowledge and experience. From crisp, easy-to-read content sections to smartly placed call-to-action buttons, this template is designed with conversion in mind.

Whether you're sharing insights through a blog, offering services, or promoting your latest book or course, Apex provides the perfect platform to amplify your voice and expertise.

With its responsive design and customizable features, Apex adapts to your unique brand, ensuring that your digital presence is as impactful and memorable as your in-person contributions.

It's not just a website – it's a powerful tool for building your authority and growing your professional reach.

2. Almar Template

The Almar template is excellent for therapists wanting a professional and aesthetically pleasing website.

It features a striking homepage with a hero image, compelling text, and a call-to-action button.

This template includes four essential pages: Home, About, Blog, and Contact.

Clients can easily create accounts, pay for subscriptions, and book consultations.

Almar is fully customizable, mobile-friendly, and optimized for SEO, offering many design and style options.

3. Clove Template

The Clove template boasts a sleek design ideal for therapists, counselors, and health center advisors.

Its layout and features support marketing therapy services effectively.

The services page provides clear pricing and detailed information, along with an automated booking form for easy consultation scheduling.

Integrated Google Maps make location access seamless for potential clients.

The Clove template is mobile-optimized, saving time on website development.

4. Myhra Template

The Myhra template offers a clean, simple design that facilitates easy navigation.

Initially designed for wellness coaches, it is adaptable for therapists.

The template supports diverse services like one-on-one coaching, online courses, live events, and webinars.

It includes an FAQ section for quick information access and a dedicated recipe page for wellness consultants.

A pre-built membership page enhances community engagement.

5. Verano Template

The Verano template stands out with its unique, premium design.

Crafted by Big Cat Creative, it provides a customizable look to reflect your brand beautifully.

Priced at $197, Verano includes excellent call-to-action buttons and effective use of images, creating an appealing therapist website.

This Squarespace 7.1 template balances aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a clean and professional online presence.

6. Meriden Template

The Meriden template is ideal for therapists with its simple, minimalistic design that directs focus to website content and services.

It features pages for booking consultations, selling courses, and collaborating opportunities. Additionally, it includes About and podcast pages.

Meriden is mobile-friendly and SEO optimized, offering flexibility with customizable pages to fit specific needs.

7. Monday Template

The Monday template, developed by Ghost Plugins, presents a distinctive and customizable design for therapists.

It includes 12 pre-designed pages and over 50 customizable sections.

The template installation guide is user-friendly, providing detailed information.

Priced at $229, it also offers a 20% discount on any paid Squarespace plan and friendly customer support for installation and use.

8. Randi Template

The Randi template is perfect for therapists seeking a simple, one-page layout.

It features a landing page where clients can book consultations and integrates a call button option.

The template includes a call-to-action button and social media links.

Randi is fully responsive and quickly loads, offering customization capabilities and the ability to add new pages, making it ideal for a basic therapist landing page.

Is Squarespace Good for Therapists

Squarespace is a solid choice for therapists looking to create a professional online presence.

The platform offers easy-to-use website-building tools and attractive templates that can help therapists showcase their services effectively.

Key features include appointment booking, testimonials, blogging, and service pages.

These tools are essential for building trust and providing valuable social proof to potential clients.

The customizable templates also allow therapists to reflect their unique brand and personality.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another important aspect.

With proper optimization, Squarespace sites can rank well in search results, making it easier for potential clients to find therapy services online.

Squarespace enables therapists to establish and maintain their online presence efficiently.

Tips for Creating a Squarespace Therapy Website

1. Design an Effective and Engaging Homepage

A therapy website's homepage is crucial as it forms the first impression. Make it look professional and inviting.

  • Brief Introduction: Use a clear headline that introduces your therapy practice. The language should resonate with your audience.

  • Quality Imagery: Use professional images that reflect your practice's values, like a calming therapy room.

  • Call to Action (CTA): Include a prominent button like "Schedule a Consultation" or "Get Started" to guide visitors towards booking your services.

  • Easy Navigation: Ensure the homepage has a simple menu or scroll-down design with links to "About," "Services," and "Contact."

2. Develop Detailed and Informative Service Pages

Service pages should clearly explain what therapy options are offered, aiding potential clients in making informed decisions.

  • Service Descriptions: Outline the types of therapy and your approach using simple language.

  • Benefits and Outcomes: Highlight potential therapy benefits and share success stories for illustration.

  • Pricing and Insurance: Provide transparent information about prices and insurance options.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Include common questions about therapy processes, confidentiality, and scheduling.

3. Connect Through Blog Content

Blogs are powerful for engaging clients and showcasing your expertise.

  • Consistent Updates: Maintain a regular posting schedule on topics like mental health and self-care.

  • Relevant Topics: Address issues that resonate with your audience and offer practical advice.

  • Shareable Content: Create posts that can be shared on social media to extend your reach.

  • Engagement: Encourage and respond to comments, building a sense of community.

4. Build Trust with Client Testimonials

Client testimonials enhance trust and add credibility to your services.

  • Variety of Testimonials: Include diverse testimonials from various clients sharing their experiences.

  • Photos and Names: With permission, add client photos and full names to increase authenticity.

  • Case Studies: Develop in-depth case studies detailing client journeys and progress.

  • Video Testimonials: Utilize video testimonials for a more personal connection.

Common Questions

Which Squarespace Templates Work Best for Therapy and Counseling Services?

Therapists and counselors often look for templates that offer a calm and professional look.

Templates such as Bedford, Hayden, and Bryant are popular because they provide a clean design and easy navigation, making it simple for clients to find information.

How Can Squarespace Templates Be Customized for Mental Health Professionals?

Squarespace templates can be tailored to suit mental health professionals by adjusting colors, fonts, and images.

Use calm and soothing colors, professional fonts, and include testimonials and blogs that provide resources and insights on mental health.

Are There Templates on Squarespace for Wellness Coaches?

Yes, Squarespace offers numerous templates that are ideal for wellness coaches.

Templates like Five and Forte work well as they allow you to showcase your services, client testimonials, and blog posts on wellness.

Can Free Templates Be Used with Squarespace to Create Therapy Websites?

Squarespace primarily offers premium templates. While some free options online could be compatible, they might lack the full compatibility and support provided by Squarespace templates.

It's recommended to use Squarespace's built-in options for a smoother experience.

What Features Are Important When Choosing a Squarespace Template for Therapists?

Therapists should look for templates that include features like easy navigation, blog sections, service pages, and contact forms.

It is also beneficial for the template to support video content, as this can be useful for introducing the therapist and their services.

Is It Possible to Integrate Squarespace Templates with Appointment Scheduling Tools?

Yes, many Squarespace templates can be integrated with appointment scheduling tools.

Squarespace offers its own scheduling tool called Acuity Scheduling that can be seamlessly integrated with its templates.

This makes it easier for clients to book sessions directly through the website.


Using one of Squarespace's therapist templates as a foundation for a website can significantly streamline the process.

With a multitude of options on hand, finding a template that matches both style and functional requirements becomes easier.

It's crucial to consider the target audience and ensure the chosen template aligns with the overall brand identity.

This approach not only saves time but can also enhance the website-building experience.

By doing so, therapists can effectively create a professional online presence without feeling overwhelmed.

Selecting the right template is a key step in achieving a cohesive and appealing website.

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