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Capture Success: 16 Stunning Squarespace Templates for Photographers [2024]

For photographers, crafting a visually appealing, functional website is essential. Long hours, unpredictable locations, and demanding clients make it a challenge to find time for website development. Yet, a well-designed website serves as a crucial point of contact for prospective clients.

Many professionals turn to Squarespace for its comprehensive portfolio templates. These templates offer features like full-width images, galleries, and booking calendars.

They include everything needed to create a captivating site that attracts and retains clients. This article highlights some of the best Squarespace templates tailored specifically for photographers.

Key Takeaways

  • Squarespace offers highly customizable templates for photographers.

  • Features include galleries, contact forms, and booking calendars.

  • Using these templates can streamline the creation of a professional portfolio website.

1. Chroma by Oneforme

Unleash your visual storytelling with Chroma, a Squarespace template that turns your portfolio into a vibrant gallery of creativity.

Designed with photographers and artists in mind, Chroma transforms your digital space into an immersive showcase of your talents.

Bold typography and an innovative layout create a dynamic backdrop for your work, allowing each image to command attention.

The template's intuitive design makes navigating your portfolio effortless, inviting visitors to lose themselves in your visual narratives.

Chroma doesn't just display your art; it celebrates it. Large, captivating images take center stage, drawing viewers into the heart of your creative vision.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or an emerging visual artist, Chroma provides the perfect canvas to highlight your unique perspective and artistic flair.

With its responsive design and customizable features, Chroma adapts to your evolving portfolio, ensuring your digital presence is as dynamic and impactful as your art itself.

2. “Marigold” by Studio Mesa

Marigold is an elegant website template designed for wedding professionals. Crafted for Squarespace 7.1, it includes five ready-to-launch pages. With MesaOS, a CSS code library, and a template manual, users have all the tools they need. The template offers an unlimited-use license, making it versatile and practical.

3. “Opulence” by GoLive

“Opulence” is an editorial template by GoLive* designed for creatives. It uses Squarespace's Fluid Engine and is ideal for photographers and videographers. The layout is easy to customize, making it simple to showcase services, portfolios, and blog posts. Its clean and modern aesthetic helps users present their work professionally and attractively, ensuring that their content stands out.

4. “Sophie” by Big Cat Creative

The Sophie Squarespace Template Kit offers a rustic and romantic design, featuring a classic layout. It targets photographers, designers, and other creative professionals. This template includes an elegant and simple structure, making it easy to navigate and visually appealing.

5. “Belladonna” by Big Cat Creative

The Belladonna Squarespace Template Kit blends romance with modern design. Large images and a detailed portfolio make it ideal for photographers and designers. Its aesthetic appeal suits creative professionals looking to showcase their work visually. This kit also makes navigation straightforward, enhancing user experience for visitors.

6. "Willow" by GoLive

Willow is a sleek and visually appealing template designed for photographers and creative agencies. With a focus on showcasing visual galleries, this template incorporates a modern look that highlights photography. It includes features like fluid design, easy navigation, and options tailored to service-based businesses. Willow is crafted to meet the needs of photographers, making it perfect for freelancers and studios who want to present their work effectively.

7. “Bold Babe” by 23&9 Creative

“Bold Babe” offers a vibrant look that makes any site stand out. Ideal for creatives like photographers, videographers, and florists. It includes essential pages: Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact. This design is perfect for showcasing creative work.

8. "Flipside" by EDGE Shop

Flipside is a cool and cutting-edge website template from Squarespace 7.1. It's perfect for creative businesses like photographers, travel bloggers, content creators, and small companies. Flipside combines style and function, making it a great choice for users who want to showcase their work effectively.

9. “Petra Marina” by EDGE Shop

Petra Marina is a sleek and stylish Squarespace template, perfect for creatives, photographers, designers, and bloggers. It combines minimalist design with functionality, making it easy for users to showcase their work effectively. Its features are tailored to meet the needs of the creative community.

10. “Oddsson” by EDGE Shop

ODDSSON is a sleek, modern Squarespace 7.1 template. It's perfect for designers, real estate, professional services, and visual creatives.


  • Minimal design

  • Fresh layout

  • Ideal for photographers and visual artists

11. “LUB D” by EDGE Shop

LUB D is an excellent choice for creative businesses, photographers, lifestyle and business coaches, wellness professionals, and more. This sturdy Squarespace 7.1 Template supports personal brands, retreats, and membership sites. It’s visually pleasing and versatile, making it perfect for those looking to enhance their online presence.

12. "Hvar" by The Coast Kit

Elevate your online presence with a Squarespace template that's perfect for lifestyle bloggers, boutique brands, and photographers. The "Hvar" template offers a blog-style format to share adventures, beauty secrets, recipes, and must-have products. Enjoy curated animated galleries and smooth-fade transitions, making it easy to display your best snapshots. Turn your passion into profit with the unique 'shop favourite items' feature, ideal for affiliate marketing.

13. “Althea” by The Styled Square

“Althea” is an elegant, well-structured website template designed for photographers and service providers. The editorial layout is both visually appealing and highly functional. It showcases photos beautifully while telling a compelling story. Althea is perfect for those looking to enhance their online presence and attract more clients through stunning visuals and strategic design.

14. "Sparhawk 2.0" by Kate Scott

Sparhawk 2.0 is an updated version of Kate Scott’s bestselling template. It's designed to boost your online business efficiently. This template takes inspiration from the beautiful Maine coastline. It blends clean design with practical strategies. Sparhawk 2.0 is ideal for those seeking to expand their business with minimal effort and maximum impact. It merges visual appeal with functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced productivity for online entrepreneurs.

15. “Noire” by Big Cat Creative

The "Noire" template by Big Cat Creative brings a moody, modern touch to websites. It’s designed with large feature images and an intricate gallery, making it perfect for photographers and other creatives. This template provides a stylish platform to showcase portfolios and visual work, making it a go-to for those looking to highlight their artistry.

16. “Elysian” by BrittaMade

Elysian, designed by BrittaMade*, combines beauty and functionality. This template helps users reinvigorate their digital space using the power of Squarespace's system. It captures the essence of living in harmony with nature, providing a fresh start and seamless integration. This platform supports and enhances your online presence effectively.

Elysian offers an engaging experience, promoting a balanced digital and natural lifestyle, ideal for those ready to embrace a new beginning.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the best Squarespace templates for professional photography portfolios?

When selecting a template for a professional photography portfolio, look for clean, simple designs that highlight imagery. Templates like Wells, Forte, and Ishimoto are popular among photographers. These templates provide full-screen images, grid-based layouts, and minimalistic styles that draw attention to the photos.

How can a Squarespace template be personalized to showcase photography work?

Personalizing a Squarespace template involves tweaking design elements to reflect the photographer's unique style. Users can change fonts, colors, and layouts. Adding galleries, creating custom pages, and using image blocks help create a cohesive and impactful portfolio. Utilizing drag-and-drop tools makes this process straightforward.

Is it possible to sell photographs directly through a Squarespace site?

Yes, photographers can sell their work directly from a Squarespace site. They can set up an online store using Squarespace’s e-commerce features. Adding price variants, managing inventory, and setting up payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal are all possible. This allows photographers to sell digital downloads and prints easily.

What should family photographers check for in a Squarespace template?

Family photographers should look for templates that accommodate large galleries for showcasing multiple photo sessions. Templates like Miller and Avenue offer ways to create photo albums, client login areas, and customizable pages. Features such as contact forms and booking functionalities are also beneficial.

Which Squarespace templates are optimized for visual arts?

Templates like Pacific, York, and Momentum are optimized for visual artists. They provide large, high-quality image displays and flexible design options. These templates offer a variety of gallery styles and easy navigation, making them ideal for visual art portfolios.

What makes Squarespace a good choice compared to other platforms for photography websites?

Squarespace stands out for its ease of use, design flexibility, and integrated features.

Photographers benefit from the platform's drag-and-drop customization, reliable hosting, and customer support.

Additionally, Squarespace offers robust e-commerce and SEO tools, making it a solid choice for creating effective photography websites.

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