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Looking for Squarespace Templates? Check These 22 Premium Squarespace Template Stores [2024]

Squarespace is a popular website builder known for its stylish and professional templates. Many people use it to create stunning websites without needing a lot of design skills. But where do you find the best premium Squarespace templates?

The best premium Squarespace template stores offer unique designs that can make your website stand out. These stores provide templates that are easy to customize, so you can tailor them to your brand’s needs.

Besides aesthetics, these templates often come with built-in features that enhance functionality and performance.

Using premium templates from trusted stores also means you get access to support and updates. This can be a game changer for maintaining a smooth and efficient website.

Let’s explore some top stores that offer premium Squarespace templates and see which ones could be the best fit for your project.

1. Oneforme

At Designoneforme.com, we're not just another Squarespace template store - we're pioneers in digital design. Here's why we stand out:

  • Cutting-Edge Templates: Our collection embodies the latest 2024-2025 design trends, ensuring your site remains relevant for years to come.

  • Expert-Crafted Designs: With a professional designer at the helm, each template reflects years of experience creating websites for diverse clients, from startups to established brands.

  • Performance-Driven: We go beyond aesthetics, engineering our templates for optimal engagement and conversion rates.

  • Unique E-Commerce Focus: As the only store offering specialized e-commerce templates, we provide unparalleled solutions for online sellers.

Oneforme is the destination for those who demand more from their online presence. Our templates empower passionate individuals, sellers, and bloggers to create websites that are as dynamic and professional as they are.

Starting at $145, each purchase includes:

  • Unlimited license for unrestricted client work

  • Exclusive Squarespace plugins for enhanced visual appeal (free with template purchase)

  • Designs powered by Squarespace's latest Fluid Engine (7.1 version)

Choose Oneforme and transform your Squarespace site into a powerful tool for creativity and success. Experience the difference that thoughtful, forward-thinking design can make for your online presence.

2. Big Cat Creative

Big Cat Creative offers affordable and eye-catching Squarespace templates.

These templates come with straightforward tutorials, allowing users to create their dream websites quickly.

In addition to website templates, they also provide social media templates to ensure a cohesive online presence.

For those needing sales pages, their strategic sales page templates efficiently convert visitors into customers.

Here's the cost:

  • Squarespace 7.0 templates: $197

  • Squarespace 7.1 templates: $297

Big Cat Creative positions itself as a complete solution for website needs, making it easy for users to find everything in one place.

Feature Description Website Templates Scroll-stopping designs with easy tutorials Social Media Templates for a cohesive social media presence Sales Pages Strategic templates to turn visitors into customers Price (7.0) $197 Price (7.1) $297

3. Ghost Plugins

Ghost Plugins offers a wide array of Squarespace templates and plugins to enhance website design and functionality.

They provide three major types of templates: Paper Templates, Branded Templates, and Classic Templates*. Each type serves different needs.

  • Paper Templates: These templates come with a non-branded design, perfect for those who want a fresh start without any preset styles.

  • Branded Templates: These feature a pre-set color palette and pre-designed layouts for a cohesive, professional look.

  • Classic Templates: Ideal for users wanting a pre-made website where they can easily insert their own content.

All templates are professionally installed for customers within 24 hours, removing the need for development mode or DIY tutorials.

Besides templates, Ghost Plugins also offers over 500 free and premium Squarespace plugins and copy-paste code snippets, expanding the customization options for your website.

This variety and ease of use make Ghost Plugins a versatile tool for Squarespace users.

4. GoLive

GoLive offers stylish Squarespace templates designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and influencers.

Their templates, priced at $299, are built on Squarespace 7.1, making them easy to customize.

Each template is carefully crafted to be visually appealing while also user-friendly.

Features of GoLive templates:

  • Responsive Design: Ensures the website looks great on any device.

  • Easy Customization: Plug and play layouts make editing simple.

  • Professional Appearance: Perfect for building a personal brand or a business.

For those needing extra help, GoLive provides a template restyling service.

This can be particularly useful if you want your website to stand out without spending too much time on design.

Their templates cater to a variety of needs, from e-commerce to photography, making them suitable for diverse users. More details can be found on the GoLive website.

5. Studio Mesa

Studio Mesa offers meticulously crafted premium website templates for Squarespace.

They cater to both web design professionals and small business owners.

Their templates feature an unlimited license, allowing them to be used for multiple websites.

With instant delivery, these templates are available for download right after purchase, enabling designers to start their projects without delay.

Additionally, Studio Mesa provides lifetime support, offering assistance from a Squarespace Expert whenever needed.

Price Range: $195 - $495

6. 23&9 Creative

Chelsea at 23&9 Creative offers lively and stylish Squarespace templates.

These templates are designed to make website building stress-free.

Users just need to add their branding, text, and pictures, and their website will be ready quickly.

The designs are both easy to use and affordable, priced at $199.

7. BrittaMade

BrittaMade offers pre-built Squarespace templates tailored for creative and free-spirited entrepreneurs.

These templates are designed for easy use and arrive in your Squarespace account within 24 hours, eliminating the hassle of complicated setups.

Starting Price: $333

There are no downloads or need for extensive customization, making them a great option for those who do not want to spend months working on their website.

Users can quickly get their websites up and running without the usual headaches of DIY web design.

8. Blooming Design Co.

Blooming Design Co. offers a range of easy-to-use templates aimed at helping you create a beautiful, professional website.

These professionally-designed Squarespace templates are fully-built and easy to customize.

They use the StoryBrand framework to make your site not only visually appealing but also an effective marketing tool.

Price: $197

9. Station Seven

Station Seven offers website templates and design kits that can quickly enhance your online presence.

The templates are highly customizable, allowing users to alter colors, adjust fonts, and incorporate their own photos and content.

This makes it easy to create a personalized website with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Price: $199

  • Customization: Update colors, fonts, and images effortlessly.

  • Ease of Use: Simple steps to create a professional-looking site.

The templates cater to different needs, making them suitable for various types of users.

These templates enable users to build a professional-looking website without needing extensive design skills.

The flexibility and ease of use make Station Seven a popular choice for many individuals looking to improve their online presence.

10. The Coast Kit

Hailey and Meg, the talented designers behind The Coast Kit, draw inspiration from global destinations for their Squarespace templates.

These designs are user-friendly and highly customizable.

Priced at $300, they offer bold, sophisticated options for any business.

Their offerings are perfect for those looking to create a strong online presence with ease.

11. The Styled Square

The Styled Square offers a wide range of Squarespace 7.1 website templates that are easy to customize, use drag-and-drop features, and are designed to boost conversions.

These templates are created using the Fluid Engine and are priced at $295 each. They combine high-end design aesthetics with affordability, making them ideal for anyone aiming to enhance their online presence without breaking the bank.

Each template is crafted to offer a designer feel at a more accessible price point.

Templates Highlights:

  • Drag & Drop Customization

  • Built for Conversion

  • Fluid Engine Technology

12. Pearler

Pearler creates personalized and almost immediate websites that are easy to customize. Built using Squarespace, they are designed to help avoid stress.

These templates are enjoyable to use and perfect for adding your unique branding.

Price: $129 - $355

13. Kseniia Design Studio

Kseniia Design Studio specializes in providing Squarespace website templates tailored for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

These templates are designed to offer businesses a powerful online presence with a modern and sleek look.

The templates are user-friendly and can be easily customized to fit various business needs. Each template is priced at $229.

Kseniia's designs cater to those seeking standout websites that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

14. Applet Studio*

Applet Studio is a team made up of a web designer and a developer.

They specialize in creating Squarespace templates for creative businesses.

Their goal is to help these businesses launch attractive and profitable websites.

Cost: $219

15. Christy Price

Christy Price designs modern and simple Squarespace templates aimed at helping users look professional and launch quickly.

Each template is bundled with a tailored workbook and video resources, making it convenient to start your site.

+ Price: $297

16. Studio Crafted

Studio Crafted designs Squarespace templates focused on assisting business owners.

Their templates have a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, delivering effective branding and web strategy.

They provide resources for establishing a solid brand, creating visual elements and messaging, and growing a business through meaningful connections.

Price: $300

17. Mission Twist

Mission Twist offers premium Squarespace website templates aimed at entrepreneurs focused on conversions.

These templates are not typical; they include over 12 pages, a strategic sales funnel, and fully customizable designs.

Users benefit from step-by-step video tutorials, a 6-month free trial, easy installation, and hosting discounts.

The price for each template is $297.

18. Square Refresh

Square Refresh offers professional and stylish Squarespace 7.1 templates. These templates come with pre-installed plugins that enhance your website's functionality and look.

They help businesses create custom websites that meet specific needs without much hassle.

Price Range: $75 - $180

  • Features:

    • Easy customization

    • Pre-installed plugins

    • Modern and sleek designs

19. Avelã Creative

Avelã Creative offers custom Squarespace templates designed to enhance the online presence of creatives, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

These templates help make a strong impression with their luxurious and stylish designs, all while being budget-friendly.

Starting at 200€, Avelã Creative provides great value for those seeking high-end design without a hefty price tag.


  • Customizable designs

  • Ideal for various businesses

  • Budget-conscious pricing

20. Entrepreneuress

Entrepreneuress provides premium Squarespace website templates designed for simplicity and efficient sales systems.

Their packages come with a one-year membership granting access to Strategy HQ, The Brand Lab, and exclusive VIP coaching and support concierge.

Users also benefit from a 25-minute intensive training session that focuses on optimizing Squarespace Scheduling and automating client experiences.

Pricing: $2995 upfront or $295 per month for 12 months

Features Included:

  • One-year membership

  • Access to Strategy HQ and The Brand Lab

  • VIP coaching and support concierge

  • 25-minute training on Squarespace Scheduling

21. Kate Scott

Sparhawk 2.0, created by Kate Scott, is an enhanced template designed for service providers and online course creators.

This template, which begins at $395, draws inspiration from the stunning Maine coastline.

It blends minimalist design with strategic elements, aimed at helping businesses grow efficiently.


  • Minimalist design

  • Strategy-driven layout

  • Ideal for service providers and course creators

  • Inspired by Maine’s coastline

For those looking to scale their online business with minimal effort, Sparhawk 2.0 is a compelling choice.

Explore more at Squarespace Templates by Kate Scott.

22. Hold Space Creative

Monica from Hold Space Creative offers professional Squarespace website templates tailored for modern therapists & coaches.

These templates are designed to be easy to use, helping professionals save time, energy, and money.

Their team believes in providing custom-designed websites without the expensive price tag.

Additionally, they offer sales page templates and copywriting templates to enhance your website's functionality and appeal.

Cost: $399

Hold Space Creative aims to support therapists and coaches in presenting themselves authentically and effectively.

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is a powerful website building platform. It provides elegant templates, useful tools, and intuitive interfaces.

Whether for personal blogs or business sites, it has flexible design options that allow users to create visually appealing websites without needing advanced technical skills.

Features like drag-and-drop functionality make customization simple and effective.

It also includes integrated SEO and marketing tools, which help users reach a wider audience.

Users can easily sell products and manage inventory with Squarespace's built-in e-commerce solutions.

Squarespace 7.0 vs Squarespace 7.1

Squarespace 7.0 focuses on flexibility and customization. Users can add any template to their existing site without starting from scratch.

It offers many style options and separate mobile styles, which some prefer for more personalized control over their design.

Squarespace 7.1 is a more streamlined version. It simplifies the design process with a unified style system, meaning consistent design rules across all pages.

It also includes automatic updates and enhanced performance for managing content. This version drops the option to switch templates, encouraging users to stick with one design and customize it deeply.

Different users may prefer different versions based on their project needs and design preferences.

The Allure of Premium Templates

Premium Squarespace templates are known for their high-quality designs, enhanced functionality, and superior customization options. These features make them a top choice for those looking to create a standout website.

Benefits of Premium Squarespace Templates

Premium templates offer unique and professional designs that stand out. They come with a variety of pre-designed layouts and advanced features that aren't available in free templates.

This includes better SEO optimization, which helps your site rank higher in search engine results.

These templates are highly customizable, allowing users to modify nearly every aspect to fit their brand.

You can easily change colors, fonts, and layout details without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Functionality is also a major draw, with features such as integrated social media buttons and custom plugins enhancing the user experience.

Premium vs Free Squarespace Templates

Premium templates differ significantly from free templates.

While free templates offer basic designs and limited customization, premium options provide advanced design choices and more robust functionality.

Free templates may lack some advanced SEO features, making it harder to achieve optimal search engine rankings.

Premium templates, on the other hand, are often SEO-optimized, providing a stronger foundation for online visibility. They also typically include responsive designs, ensuring your site looks great on all devices.

Premium templates also come with better customer support.

Users purchasing premium templates often have access to comprehensive support and resources, which can be invaluable during the website building process.

Finding the Right Template

When choosing a Squarespace template, it's important to think about what type of site you want.

Categories of Squarespace Templates

Squarespace templates are divided into categories to help users find what they need quickly.

Portfolio templates are perfect for artists, designers, and photographers who want to showcase their work. These templates often have clean layouts that focus on visuals, with large image sections and gallery options.

Ecommerce templates are designed for online stores. They include features for product displays, shopping carts, and checkout processes. They often have customizable product pages and built-in tools for managing inventory.

Blog templates cater to writers and content creators. These templates often come with features like rich text formatting, commenting systems, and easy-to-navigate post archives. They make it simple to organize posts by categories and tags.

Photography templates highlight high-quality images. They usually offer full-screen image galleries, slideshows, and options for clients to proof and download images.

Assessing Your Needs

Before selecting a template, consider what your site needs.

Think about whether you need to display a portfolio, run an online store, maintain a blog, or showcase photography.

Every category has templates designed to meet specific needs, so start by identifying the primary purpose of your site.

For an ecommerce store, prioritize templates that support product categories, easy navigation, and mobile optimization. Look for built-in SEO features and marketing tools to help drive traffic to your store.

If you're a blogger, choose a template with a clear and simple layout. Features like easy-to-use post editors, commenting systems, and integration with social media are vital.

For portfolios, focus on templates with clean designs that let your work shine. Look for templates with customizable gallery features and options to add detailed descriptions and client testimonials.

For photography sites, opt for templates that provide beautiful, high-resolution image displays. Make sure they have strong gallery options and an easy browsing experience for visitors to view your work comfortably.

Design and Customization

Different templates offer varied design options, allowing users to create unique websites. The drag-and-drop editor ensures quick and easy customization.

Custom Web Design Options

Premium Squarespace templates provide various custom design choices.

Users can adjust colors, fonts, and layouts. Tools like the Style Editor let them change the visual identity of their site.

For instance, they can:

  • Choose a color scheme

  • Customize font styles

  • Adjust spacing between elements

  • Modify button shapes and sizes

These features help match the website's look to the brand's style. Visuals and content alignment can be fine-tuned to create a cohesive, attractive site.

Efficient Design with Drag-and-Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor is a key feature of Squarespace. Users make changes by simply dragging elements into place. This tool is intuitive, requiring no coding skills.

Key benefits include:

  • Speed: Design changes happen in real-time.

  • Flexibility: Users can move elements freely.

  • Accessibility: Easy for beginners and advanced users.

This feature saves time and allows for quick adjustments. It helps users create polished sites efficiently.

Enhancing Functionality

Enhancing functionality in Squarespace templates helps users get the most out of their websites. By integrating ecommerce features, optimizing portfolio showcasing, and incorporating video and images, users can enhance the site's capabilities and user experience.

Integrating Ecommerce Features

With ecommerce features, you can turn a standard Squarespace template into a powerful sales tool. These features include product pages, shopping carts, and checkout systems. Customizing product pages with detailed descriptions and high-quality images can attract and engage customers.

Adding a shopping cart allows visitors to easily manage their selections before purchasing. Offering various payment options increases convenience. Don’t forget inventory tracking and smooth order management as they streamline business operations.

Promotions and discount codes can also be set up to encourage sales. Providing a simple and secure checkout experience can reduce cart abandonment, leading to higher conversion rates.

Optimizing Portfolio Showcasing

A well-optimized portfolio can effectively highlight a user's work and attract potential clients. Including high-resolution images and descriptions for each project provides a clear and professional presentation.

Utilizing pre-designed portfolio layouts can ensure the projects are displayed stylishly. Features like lightboxes allow for an enhanced viewing experience. Categorizing works makes navigation user-friendly, enabling visitors to find relevant projects quickly.

Incorporating client testimonials or case studies gives credibility and demonstrates expertise. This builds trust with prospective clients, making them more likely to reach out and collaborate.

Incorporating Video and Images

Incorporating videos and images can significantly boost the visual appeal and engagement level of a website. Quality, high-resolution images can make a strong impression, while videos bring dynamic content that can explain services or showcase work in an engaging way.

Image galleries and slideshows can display a variety of images in an organized manner. Additionally, background videos can add a modern touch to any site, making it more attractive.

Embedding videos in product pages or portfolios provides detailed looks at products or projects, leading to better user engagement. Optimizing video and image sizes ensures fast loading times, enhancing overall user experience.

Marketing and SEO

Effective marketing and SEO help you reach more customers and improve conversions. Use these tips to boost your website's visibility and integration with social media platforms.

Leveraging SEO for Visibility

SEO is crucial for your website's ranking on Google. A well-optimized template helps search engines understand your content.

  • Keywords: Identify and use keywords relevant to your business.

  • Meta Tags: Use title tags and meta descriptions to improve click-through rates.

  • Quality Content: Publish valuable content regularly. This can include blog posts, articles, or user guides.

  • Mobile Optimization: Ensure your site is mobile-friendly. Many users search on their phones.

Internal linking helps spread link equity across your site. Backlinks from reputable sites can also improve your SEO score.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration connects your website with platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This boosts engagement and drives traffic to your site.

  • Share Buttons: Add social share buttons to your content. This makes it easy for visitors to share your posts.

  • Social Media Feeds: Embed live feeds from your social accounts. This keeps your site updated with fresh content.

  • Templates: Use social media-friendly templates. These are designed for easy sharing and better visibility.

  • Analytics: Monitor the performance of social media campaigns. Adjust strategies based on what works.

Connecting your website to social media platforms can increase visibility and drive targeted traffic, potentially leading to higher conversions.

Template Support and Resources

When choosing a premium Squarespace template store, it's essential to consider the available support and resources. This includes access to tutorials, community forums, and direct customer support.

Accessing Template Tutorials

Many premium template stores provide video tutorials. These guides can help you install and customize templates. They often cover topics like page setup, styling options, and e-commerce features. Step-by-step written tutorials can also be handy, offering detailed instructions with screenshots.

Some stores even include FAQs that address common questions. Having a range of tutorial formats ensures users can find the help they need in a way that suits their learning style.

Community and Support

An active online community can be a valuable resource. Forums and social media groups allow users to share tips and troubleshoot issues. Many premium template stores also offer direct customer support through email or live chat.

Having access to both community and professional support ensures that users can get quick answers to their questions, whether from peer advice or official channels. This can be especially helpful when dealing with complex customization or e-commerce setup.

Choosing a License

When deciding on a license for a premium Squarespace template, it's key to think about your needs whether you're a freelancer or an agency. Different licenses offer various benefits and constraints.

The Unlimited License Advantage

An Unlimited License is perfect for those needing flexibility. This license typically allows unlimited use of the template across countless projects, making it a smart choice for frequent users.

  • Cost-Effective: While initially more expensive, it saves money in the long run if used for many projects.

  • Flexibility: Allows modifications to fit various needs.

  • No Expiration: Use the template without worrying about renewals.

This license benefits anyone with a wide-ranging portfolio and is invaluable for building consistent brand identity.

License Types for Freelancers and Agencies

Freelancers and agencies often have different requirements. Identifying these needs can help in selecting the best type.

  • Single-Use License: Ideal for freelancers working on one project at a time. It's often cheaper upfront.

  • Multi-Use License: Great for agencies managing multiple projects for different clients. Offers more flexibility than a single-use license but costs more.

  • Extended License: Allows using templates in products that clients resell, perfect for agencies creating such offerings.

Understanding these options helps tailor the license to specific work habits and business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for premium Squarespace templates, it's important to know where to buy them, how to choose the right one for your business, and what advantages they offer.

How can I identify the best Squarespace template for my specific business needs?

Think about your business goals and needs first. Check if the template fits your brand's style and has the features you require. Look for customization options and user reviews as well.

Are there any Squarespace templates that cater specifically to photographers?

Yes, there are templates designed just for photographers. Templates like Chroma offer features like galleries, high-quality image displays, and contacts page.

Can you find modern and updated designs among Squarespace templates for sale?

Many template stores update their designs to keep up with modern trends. Look for templates released recently or those labeled as the latest versions. This ensures they have the newest features.

What are the advantages of choosing a premium Squarespace template over a free one?

Premium templates often have better design elements, more features, and higher customization options. They may also offer dedicated customer support, giving you extra help if needed.

What factors should I consider when selecting a Squarespace template for selling digital products?

Make sure the template supports e-commerce features. These include a shopping cart and payment options. Also, the template should have a clean layout for product displays. Additionally, it should be mobile-friendly for users on different devices.

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