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Grow Your Audience: 11 Engaging Squarespace Templates for Newsletters [2024]

Creating a compelling newsletter is essential for engaging your audience and strengthening your brand. Squarespace provides a range of highly customizable third-party templates that can help you design newsletters that resonate with your audience.

By leveraging these templates, you can seamlessly integrate your branding and content strategy into eye-catching and effective email marketing campaigns.

When choosing a template, it's crucial to consider your specific goals and the nature of your content. Whether you're aiming for a lighter, informal tone or a more professional look, Squarespace's diverse selection can meet your needs.

Explore various options and opt for the one that aligns best with your brand identity and audience expectations.

Must-Have Squarespace Newsletter Templates

Feather by Oneforme

Introducing our "Feather," the Squarespace template that transforms your newsletter into a captivating digital experience. Designed with writers and content creators in mind, Feather provides the perfect platform to grow and engage your subscriber base.

Feather's clean, elegant design puts your content front and center, ensuring your newsletters shine. Its thoughtfully balanced typography enhances readability, making every word count and keeping your audience engaged from start to finish.

Key features for newsletter creators:

  • Prominent newsletter sign-up forms to boost subscriber growth

  • Customizable email capture pop-ups to maximize conversion

  • Archive section to showcase past issues and attract new readers

Whether you're crafting weekly updates, in-depth articles, or curated content roundups, Feather adapts to your newsletter style.

The template's responsive design ensures your newsletters look stunning on any device, from desktop to mobile.

With Feather, you're not just sending emails – you're creating a hub for your newsletter community.


Bailard features a customizable layout and integrated social media links. Its responsive design ensures that your newsletter looks good on all devices. With Bailard, the elegant and minimalistic style is perfect for brands looking for a clean, modern newsletter template. This template keeps the content as the focal point, ensuring messages are clear and engaging.


Hester boasts a vibrant, eye-catching design with a user-friendly interface. Its flexible content blocks and high visual impact make it ideal for brands wanting to stand out. This template is great for creative industries or events, offering memorable and engaging newsletters.


Moksha emphasizes sleek, contemporary design and typography. It provides easy navigation and is perfect for content-rich newsletters. Moksha's focus on clarity and readability makes it suitable for professional and educational content.


Farro is designed for visually-driven content, featuring an artistic and creative layout. With a strong emphasis on imagery, Farro is perfect for portfolios, photography, and design-related content, making visual appeal a priority.

Bryant Hill

Bryant Hill offers a professional, corporate look with a structured layout. It's versatile for various content types, making it ideal for business communications. The formal appearance lends credibility and authority to newsletters for businesses and organizations.


Elliot has a modern, trendy design with a focus on visual storytelling. It provides an engaging user experience, making it great for lifestyle and fashion brands. Elliot's layout is perfect for connecting with audiences on a personal and visual level.


Suffolk features an elegant, sophisticated style with high readability. Its clean, uncluttered layout is ideal for luxury brands. The refined design ensures messages are delivered with clarity and style, making it suitable for high-end products and services.


Alameda stands out with a bold, striking design and strong visual emphasis. Its engaging layout is perfect for creative industries. Ideal for artistic and innovative content, Alameda helps newsletters capture and maintain readers' interest.


Tremont's minimalistic, chic design focuses on content hierarchy and easy readability. It's perfect for straightforward messaging, particularly in professional or educational contexts. The uncluttered layout ensures clear and concise communication.


Mojave's versatile design and clean, organized layout make it suitable for a variety of industries. It focuses on functionality, ensuring a seamless reading experience. Mojave's adaptability is ideal for a wide range of content types, from corporate updates to community newsletters.

Exploring Squarespace Newsletter Templates

Flexible Customization

Squarespace's templates offer many customization options. This lets you personalize your newsletter design to match your brand's look. You can adjust layouts, colors, and fonts to ensure your newsletter feels unique.

Whether for a blog or a corporate update, these choices help you create a newsletter that aligns perfectly with your brand's identity.

  • Layouts: Multiple layout choices help in organizing content effectively.

  • Colors: Use your brand colors to maintain visual consistency.

  • Fonts: Select fonts that reflect your brand's personality.

Integration Capabilities

Squarespace enhances newsletters with strong integration features. Embedding graphics or videos can make your content more appealing. You can also link recent articles back to your website, boosting traffic.

Additionally, integrating social media and analytics tools helps track performance and engagement. Monitoring metrics like click-through rates provides key insights into audience behavior.

Table of Common Integrations:

Feature Benefit Embedding Media Engages readers with visuals and videos Article Linking Drives traffic back to your website Social Media Expands reach by sharing content easily Analytics Tools Tracks performance and optimizes strategy

Simple Interface

Squarespace is known for its user-friendly design, which is especially useful when creating newsletters. The easy-to-use tools allow focusing on content rather than technical details. People with limited design skills can still make professional-looking newsletters.

Using a Squarespace template for newsletters can also help in increasing website visits, making it a powerful tool in your digital strategy.

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface requires minimal design experience.

  • Efficiency: Allows quick creation of visually appealing newsletters.

  • Website Integration: Incorporates seamlessly with your existing site.

By incorporating these features and benefits, your email marketing efforts can become more effective and consistent with your brand's visual style.

The Importance of Squarespace Newsletter Templates

Maintaining Brand Identity

Using Squarespace templates in email campaigns helps keep your newsletters consistent with your website's style. This consistency strengthens your brand on all channels, from your website to emails sent to your followers.

A unified look and feel in every interaction can boost customer trust. This consistent brand image in emails, blog posts, and social media accounts enhances the overall perception of your brand.

It helps in building a solid connection between you and your newsletter subscribers.

Saving Time and Resources

Squarespace templates help business owners save time and resources. These pre-made designs cut down the need for complex coding or design skills, allowing more focus on creating quality content.

This is particularly useful when launching new features or blog content. It also provides more time to build your email list and develop a solid content strategy.

For small businesses with limited resources, this efficiency can be a game-changer.

With more time available, you can concentrate on growing your subscriber base and improving engagement through thoughtful email marketing. This ultimately helps in promoting events, exclusive interviews, and partnerships more effectively.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Utilizing Squarespace Newsletter Templates

Choosing the Right Template

When picking a Squarespace template for your newsletter, it's important to consider your business needs. Focus on content type, audience, and brand identity.

A good template should match your content and not overshadow it. Testing different layouts can help determine what resonates with your audience.

Limitations in Customization

Squarespace allows some customization, but there are still limits. Understand these constraints to ensure your newsletter vision is achievable.

Integrating elements like blog posts should balance customization with the template's integrity.

Ensuring Mobile Compatibility

Given the rise of mobile device usage, your chosen template should look good on all screen sizes. A responsive design helps connect with a wider audience and provides a better user experience.

Make sure your template adapts well to various devices for optimal impact.

Conclusion: 10 Best Squarespace Newsletter Templates

Choosing the perfect template is essential for newsletter success. Squarespace provides various adaptable templates to fit your brand. Key factors include visual appeal and engagement.

Customizing templates to fit brand identity can enhance the impact of newsletters. The right choice ensures your newsletters make a strong impression on your audience.

The guide outlines top templates for creating memorable and effective newsletters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can users get free newsletter templates on Squarespace?

Squarespace offers various templates for newsletters. To find them, users need to log in to their Squarespace account, go to the Marketing section, and select Email Campaigns. Here, they can browse and choose from several free templates.

What costs come with Squarespace's email marketing services?

Squarespace's email marketing features are available through different pricing plans. These plans range from basic to advanced, with each offering a variety of features.

Prices may vary based on the number of emails sent each month and the level of customization options included.

How do Squarespace's email marketing features compare to Mailchimp's?

Both Squarespace and Mailchimp offer robust email marketing tools. Squarespace provides built-in options that integrate smoothly with their website platform, while Mailchimp is known for its detailed analytics and extensive automation features.

Each service has unique strengths, making them better suited for different needs.

Can users customize the CSS of Squarespace's newsletter block?

Users have the ability to customize the CSS of their newsletter blocks on Squarespace. This allows for more personalized design and styling, making it possible to better match their brand's aesthetic.

What email automation choices does Squarespace offer?

Squarespace includes several automation options for email campaigns. Users can set up automated responses for new subscribers, schedule email blasts, and create drip campaigns based on customer behavior.

These features help streamline communication and maintain engagement.

Are there any reviews on the success of Squarespace's email campaigns?

There are numerous reviews available regarding the performance of Squarespace's email campaigns. Many users report positive experiences.

They highlight the ease of use and integration with their websites. Some reviews mention improvements in user engagement and higher conversion rates after switching to Squarespace for their email marketing needs.

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