What is Squarespace Circle: Unveiling the Community for Creative Professionals

Squarespace Circle is a program designed specifically for those who create and manage multiple websites on the Squarespace platform, often for clients. As a member, I receive a suite of benefits that aid in streamlining my workflow, while at the same time granting me access to advanced features and prioritized customer support. This program recognizes the importance of web designers, developers, and agencies in the Squarespace ecosystem, offering tools and resources that help me build and grow a web design business efficiently.

Enrolling in Squarespace Circle is straightforward and comes with distinct advantages once certain criteria are met, including a threshold for the number of active Squarespace websites managed. The membership enhances my capabilities as a web professional by offering me discounted pricing on annual plans, early access to new features, and optimized customer support, which collectively contribute to a more effective service delivery to my clients. The additional resources and community events foster a shared learning and networking environment that is immensely valuable.

Key Takeaways

  • Squarespace Circle caters to professionals who manage multiple Squarespace websites.

  • Membership includes exclusive benefits that facilitate professional growth and client service.

  • Access to a community for networking and professional development is provided.

Overview of Squarespace Circle

As a professional who builds websites using Squarespace, I've become familiar with the Squarespace Circle program. It's designed for creatives like me—designers, developers, and other professionals who use Squarespace to create websites for clients. The program supports and engages its members by providing various benefits aimed at promoting growth and development in our work.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To join the Circle, I had to create at least three Squarespace websites within a year.

Membership Benefits:

  • 20% Discount: I get a 20% discount on annual website and online store subscriptions, helpful in reducing costs for my clients.

  • Extended Trial Period: Instead of the standard 14-day trial, I receive a six-month trial period to build client sites.

  • Exclusive Content: Access to specialized content that enhances my skills is a valuable perk.

  • Community Support: There’s an active member community for advice sharing and networking.

Professional Growth:By joining the Circle, I'm deemed a Squarespace Expert. This status allows me to connect directly with potential clients on the Squarespace Marketplace, should I meet certain criteria, such as building eight Squarespace websites within a year.

The Circle program is integral for a professional like me; it equips me with tools and opportunities to refine my craft and expand my business. The member-exclusive resources and community support are elements I find particularly beneficial for staying up-to-date and connected in the constantly evolving field of web design.

Membership Benefits


As a member of Squarespace Circle, my experience has been elevated through several key benefits specifically designed to enhance my work.

Exclusive Content

I have access to advanced guides, marketing materials, and product release information that aren't available to the general Squarespace user. This exclusive content ensures I stay ahead in the web design game.

Optimized Support

Through the Circle program, my queries receive prioritized attention, providing me with expedited support. This means I can resolve issues swiftly and keep my projects moving forward.

Extended Trial Periods

I benefit from six-month trial periods for new websites instead of the standard two weeks. This allows for more comprehensive project development and refinement before going live.

Community Resources

By tapping into a community of peers and resources tailored for web professionals, like myself, I have a platform to share my work, receive feedback, and stay updated on best practices within the Circle community.

Eligibility and Enrollment

To become a part of Squarespace Circle, I must understand the specific requirements and navigate the application process efficiently.

Qualification Criteria

Qualification for Squarespace Circle hinges on my active engagement with the platform. I must have contributed to or built at least three active Squarespace sites. Furthermore, these sites should be on active billing plans at the time of my application, verifying my consistent use and expertise with Squarespace services.

Application Process

The application process to join Squarespace Circle is straightforward. Once I meet the qualification criteria, I can apply through the Squarespace Circle page. The process requires me to verify my association with the three active Squarespace websites. Upon approval, I'll gain access to the Circle benefits, which aim to support my growth as a web professional.

Features and Tools

In this section, I'll outline the specific features and tools that Squarespace Circle members have access to. These resources are designed to empower web professionals in creating more dynamic sites and managing their projects efficiently.

Advanced Development Features

Squarespace Circle equips me with enhanced development capabilities. I can utilize features such as custom CSS and JavaScript injections, which allow for a deeper level of customization beyond the platform’s standard design options. Additionally, Circle members often have early access to new developer tools, ensuring I can stay ahead of web design trends and meet the needs of my clients with the latest technology.

Circle Member Dashboard

The Circle Member Dashboard is an essential tool for managing my Squarespace projects. It provides a centralized place where I can track the status of my clients’ websites, access billing information, and manage multiple sites with ease. This dashboard simplifies the administrative aspect of my web design services, offering me an organized view of all my Squarespace activities.

Resource Library

My Squarespace Circle membership grants me access to an extensive Resource Library filled with guides, advanced tutorials, and marketing materials. This repository of information is invaluable for deepening my understanding of the platform and improving the services I offer to my clients. The resources in the library cover various topics from SEO strategies to e-commerce integration, ensuring I can build comprehensive and robust websites.

Community and Networking

Within the Squarespace Circle community, I've discovered networking is a cornerstone, facilitating collaboration and growth among professionals like me.

Events and Workshops

I regularly attend events and workshops provided by Squarespace Circle, which are excellent opportunities for me to enhance my abilities and connect with other experts in the field. These gatherings range from local meetups to formal online webinars focusing on specific topics related to web design and business growth.

Member Directory

The Member Directory is a powerful feature of Squarespace Circle, allowing me to showcase my profile and connect with other Circle members. This directory serves as a valuable resource for finding potential collaborations and expanding my professional network within the community.

Discussion Forum

I engage in meaningful conversations with peers in the discussion forum, a platform where we share insights, ask questions, and offer solutions to common challenges we encounter in our projects. This spirit of collective knowledge and support is a key contributor to my professional development.

Promotional Opportunities

As a Squarespace Circle member, I have access to specific benefits that enhance my visibility and interaction with potential clients. These include exclusive listings and tailored communication tools designed for engagement and growth.

Agency Directory Listing

My Circle membership grants me a spot in the Agency Directory, a curated list accessible to those searching for professional design services. This visibility is vital for me to attract new clients, as it ensures that my work is showcased among a trusted community of Circle members.

Client Engagement

Through Client Engagement, I utilize the tools provided by Squarespace Circle to maintain a direct line of communication with my clients. These tools help me to keep clients informed about updates, share exclusive offers, and build a returning customer base with personalized service.

Program Updates and Notifications

When you're part of Squarespace Circle, staying up-to-date with the latest program changes and enhancements is straightforward. I receive regular communications to ensure I'm aware of any updates that can affect my work or benefit my clients.

Email Newsletters

I'm kept in the loop through email newsletters—a key touchpoint for all Squarespace Circle members. These newsletters provide me with a summary of recent changes, upcoming features, and special offers that could impact the way I manage projects or interact with the platform.

Platform Updates

Squarespace Circle also ensures that I am informed about platform updates as soon as they happen. Whether it's a rollout of new design tools or adjustments to existing features, these updates are critical for me to provide the best service to my clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience, those interested in Squarespace Circle often have key questions about membership, benefits, and exclusive offerings. Let's address some of the most common inquiries.

How can one become a member of the Squarespace Circle?

To join the Squarespace Circle, I know from the program guidelines that you must create at least eight Squarespace websites within a 12-month period. This demonstrates both your experience and commitment to the platform.

What are the benefits of Squarespace Circle membership?

Membership in the Squarespace Circle offers several benefits, including discounts on annual subscriptions, access to exclusive content, early release features, and optimized customer support.

Can members use the Squarespace Circle logo?

Yes, members are allowed to use the Squarespace Circle logo. It serves as a recognition of their membership and expertise in utilizing the Squarespace platform for professional website creation.

How do Squarespace Circle members benefit from discounts?

As a member, I can confirm you receive a 20% discount on the first payment for annual website and online store subscriptions, which directly impacts project costs positively.

What is Squarespace Circle Day?

Squarespace Circle Day is a special event intended for Circle members which includes meetings, discussions, and collaborative projects. It's a time set aside for networking and learning directly from the expert community and Squarespace team.

What opportunities does the Squarespace Circle labs panel provide?

The Circle labs panel facilitates testing and providing feedback on new features before they are released. As a member, this gives me the opportunity to influence the development of the platform and stay ahead with the latest tools.

Gain an advantage

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Gain an advantage

Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!

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