Squarespace Not Working on Safari: Quick Fixes and Solutions

By Akim Perminov

Founder & Lead Designer

When using Squarespace, a popular website building and hosting platform, some users may experience issues when attempting to access their sites through the Safari browser. These problems can range from the website not loading correctly to certain features becoming unresponsive. The difficulty often arises from browser-specific behaviors or compatibility problems that can prevent Squarespace websites from functioning seamlessly on Safari. While Safari is a widely used browser among Apple device users, it occasionally has quirks with website platforms that require specific solutions to resolve.

Understanding the root of why Squarespace may not work on Safari is key to finding an effective solution. It could be related to outdated browser versions, cache-related issues, or even certain browser extensions that interfere with Squarespace's functionality. Resolving these issues often involves a series of troubleshooting steps, such as updating the browser, clearing cache, or tweaking browser settings. For website owners and visitors, ensuring that a Squarespace site operates smoothly on all browsers, including Safari, is essential for a consistent user experience and for maintaining the site's accessibility to all potential visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Squarespace and Safari may encounter compatibility issues.

  • Troubleshooting can involve browser updates and cache clearing.

  • Smooth operation on all browsers is crucial for user experience.

Identifying the Issue


When I encounter issues between Squarespace and Safari, it's essential to conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the specific problem. This often involves checking both compatibility and looking for specific error messages, along with considering any recent changes that could be affecting the performance.

Compatibility Check

First off, I check Safari's compatibility with the current version of Squarespace. I'm aware that Safari undergoes periodic updates which can sometimes lead to incompatibility issues. To ensure a seamless experience, I verify if my browser is up-to-date and if Squarespace supports the particular version I am using. Compatibility issues can range from minor display quirks to more significant problems like inability to load the site.

Error Messages

Next, I scrutinize any error messages that Safari may display when trying to access Squarespace websites. These messages often provide clues to the underlying issue. For instance, "Page Not Loading" or "Secure Connection Failed" can suggest problems with SSL certificates, while a "404 Not Found" could indicate a broken link or a missing page. By understanding these messages, I can narrow down the potential causes.

Recent Changes

Lastly, I consider any recent changes that could have disrupted the interaction between Squarespace and Safari. This includes updates to Safari itself, new software installations, Squarespace platform updates, or changes to my site's code. Any recent adjustment could be the culprit, and identifying this helps me to roll back or adapt to restore functionality.

Common Fixes

When I encounter issues with Squarespace not working on Safari, I focus on solutions that can directly address browser-related problems. These fixes are straightforward and can often resolve the most common issues users face.

Update Safari

I always check for the latest version of Safari because an outdated browser can lead to compatibility issues with websites. You can update Safari by going to the App Store on your Mac and clicking 'Updates'. If a new version is available, it's essential to install it to ensure optimal performance and security.

Clear Cache and Cookies

I find that clearing the browser's cache and cookies can solve many loading and formatting problems on Squarespace sites. Here's how to clear them in Safari:

  1. Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy.

  2. Click on Manage Website Data.

  3. Press Remove All to clear cookies and cache or select individual sites to remove specific data.

Disable Extensions

Safari extensions enhance the browsing experience, but they can sometimes interfere with Squarespace sites. To troubleshoot, I disable all Safari extensions and then enable them one by one. Here's the process:

  1. Open Safari and go to Preferences > Extensions.

  2. Uncheck the box beside each extension to disable them.

  3. Re-enable each extension individually to identify if any cause conflict with Squarespace.

Squarespace-Specific Settings

In my experience with website compatibility issues, focusing on template selection and understanding the version of Squarespace you're using is crucial.

Template Compatibility

I've noticed that not all Squarespace templates work perfectly with Safari. When you're selecting a template, it's important to check the template's documentation to ensure it's fully compatible with Safari. You can find this information in Squarespace's help guides, particularly on their Troubleshooting browser issues page.

Squarespace Version

I must emphasize that Squarespace has different versions, and some versions may behave differently with Safari. Specifically, Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1 offer different features and compatibilities. To determine which version your site is on, log into your Squarespace account and check under 'Settings'. Squarespace's User Manual can provide more detailed guidance on browser support for each version.

Advanced Troubleshooting

When dealing with Squarespace sites not functioning correctly on Safari, I usually perform more in-depth steps to identify the problem. This process may involve inspecting console for errors or checking for network issues, which can be revealing.

Inspecting Console for Errors

I first open the Console in Safari's Developer menu to check for any JavaScript errors or warnings. Errors here often point to script issues which might be affecting the website's functionality. By double-clicking the error line, I can navigate directly to the problematic script and isolate the specific function causing the trouble.

Network Issues

If the console does not show clear errors or script problems, my next step is to assess network issues. Using Safari's Network tab, I analyze the site's requests and responses. Here, I look for any failed resource loading, such as images, CSS files, or scripts, which might contribute to the website's performance problems. Ensuring my network connectivity is stable and that the server is responsive also falls under this step of the troubleshooting process.

Alternative Solutions

When Safari isn't working well with Squarespace, I can consider alternative solutions to maintain productivity on my website. By utilizing another browser or contacting Squarespace Support, I can find a workaround to any compatibility issues.

Utilize Another Browser

If I encounter issues while using Squarespace with Safari, I should try switching to a different browser. Some users find that Google Chrome offers a more stable experience with Squarespace. Firefox is another alternative that generally supports Squarespace well. Ensuring the browser is up-to-date can also help avoid compatibility problems.

Contact Squarespace Support

If changing browsers doesn't resolve my issues, reaching out to Squarespace Support is a sensible next step. The Squarespace Help Center has a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for common browser issues. If the solutions provided there don't work, contacting Squarespace directly allows me to get personalized assistance. The support team can help diagnose and address the specific problems I'm facing.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addressing Squarespace and Safari browser compatibility, I've compiled answers to frequently asked questions. These should assist with common issues users may encounter.

How can I troubleshoot Squarespace website display issues on Safari?

If you find that your Squarespace site isn't displaying correctly on Safari, you should clear your browser's cache first, as this resolves most problems. You should also ensure you're using the latest version of Safari.

What steps should I take if my Squarespace site keeps crashing in Safari?

Should your site frequently crash in Safari, try disabling extensions as they can cause incompatibilities with Squarespace. As a Squarespace Forum discussion recommends, switching to another browser like Chrome can be a temporary solution.

Why are my Squarespace site's assets not loading properly in Safari browser?

When your Squarespace site's assets do not load properly in Safari, check to make sure there are no issues with file permissions or links to the assets. It's also worth noting that Safari 9.x has had issues with Squarespace, so upgrading Safari or using an alternative browser could resolve this.

How do I fix issues with domain emails on Squarespace when using Safari?

If you're experiencing issues with Squarespace's domain email services in Safari, verify your email settings and configurations for any errors. Also, checking Safari's privacy settings can help, as they could potentially block some email functions.

What should I do if Squarespace anchor links are not working on mobile devices?

For Squarespace anchor links that fail to operate on mobile devices, ensure your website's code is mobile-responsive. Bear in mind Squarespace's compatibility with mobile browsers and adjust your site layout and links accordingly.

Is there a known issue with Squarespace's 'Please Stand By' error on Safari?

The 'Please Stand By' error can sometimes be displayed in Safari when there's a temporary service disruption with Squarespace. For steps on troubleshooting, verify Squarespace and Safari are up to date and check Squarespace's status page or community forums for any reported ongoing issues.

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Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!