Squarespace: How to Change Button Color – A Step-by-Step Guide

In the world of website customization, the visual harmony of your site plays an integral role in user experience, and this includes the appearance of actionable items such as buttons. Squarespace, as a leading website builder, understands this and offers an array of options for personalizing button colors that align with your brand’s aesthetic. Whether you're aiming to highlight calls-to-action or simply looking to keep color schemes consistent throughout your pages, altering button colors can have a substantial impact on the look and feel of your site.

Navigating the Squarespace interface is intuitive, making it easy for users to find styling options for buttons. With no need for extensive coding knowledge, changes to color, size, and button borders can be made through the Site Styles menu. For users who are acquainted with CSS, Squarespace also provides the capability to implement custom styles, offering a layer of personalization beyond the default settings. Addressing styling needs is fundamental, and Squarespace caters to both novices and seasoned developers looking to fine-tune the details.

Key Takeaways

  • Changing button colors can significantly enhance site aesthetics and user engagement.

  • Squarespace provides straightforward tools for button customization through the Site Styles menu.

  • The platform also supports custom CSS for further personalization and advanced styling options.

Understanding Squarespace Buttons


In Squarespace, buttons are a fundamental design element that significantly contribute to user interaction and are crucial for navigation and calls to action on a website. These buttons are fully customizable, and I can adjust them to match the aesthetic and branding of the site.

Styling Options:

  • Color: The color of the buttons can be changed to any desired hue.

  • Font: Squarespace allows the adjustment of the button's font to align with the site's typography.

  • Size: I can manipulate the size of the buttons to make them stand out or blend in.

  • Shape: The corners of the buttons can be rounded or squared depending on the chosen style.

Customization Steps:

  1. Access Site Styles: This is where I can begin altering the button designs.

  2. Select a Button Block: Choose the specific button to customize.

  3. Apply Color Changes: Pick a new color or use one from the site's palette.

  4. Save: Committing the changes is essential to update the site's design.

Adjustments to the buttons can have a profound impact, which is why it’s important to make thoughtful decisions when altering them. If I want to match the buttons to my brand's color scheme, Squarespace provides the flexibility and tools needed, from straightforward palette adjustments to CSS for more advanced customizations.

For more in-depth guidance on customizing buttons, whether it's changing the button colors or adding hover effects, various resources are available like "How to Change the Button Color on Squarespace - PageKits" which provides a step-by-step guide on the topic.

Navigating the Squarespace Interface

When customizing a Squarespace site, knowing how to navigate the interface streamlines the process, especially for tasks like altering button colors. The design panel is your starting point for these customizations.

Accessing the Design Panel

To begin with, I find it important to access the Design panel as it houses the tools necessary for visual modifications. Here's how I do it:

  1. Log in to your Squarespace account.

  2. Click on Design from the Home Menu.

  3. This takes you directly to the Site Styles where the magic happens.

Locating the Button Settings

Once inside the Site Styles, locating the button settings is my next step:

  • Scroll down or search for the Buttons section.

  • Here, I usually find the settings that control various button aspects like size, color, and font.

Changing Button Colors

To effectively change button colors on Squarespace, I'll guide you through three key steps: using the Site Styles editor, selecting the right color palette, and applying custom color codes, if needed, to ensure your site's buttons align with your brand's aesthetic.

Utilizing the Style Editor

When I need to update the appearance of buttons within Squarespace, I start by navigating to the Design panel and accessing Site Styles. Once there, I locate the Buttons section to begin customizing. This interface allows me to directly tweak the button styles across my site without the need for custom CSS.

Choosing a Color Scheme

The color scheme can drastically impact the user experience on my site. To choose a color that fits well with my brand, I consider the existing elements of my design. Under Site Styles, I select the appropriate theme and adjust the Button Color settings to ensure consistency and visual appeal across all pages.

Applying Custom Color Codes

For instances where the predefined colors don't meet my needs, I apply custom color codes. By entering specific hex, RGB, or HSL values into the color picker in Site Styles, I achieve a precise match with my branding. This level of customization is essential for maintaining a cohesive look and feel for my website's interactive elements.

Custom CSS for Advanced Customization

When I need precise control over the design of buttons on a Squarespace site, I turn to custom CSS. This powerful tool allows for detailed styling beyond what the standard interface offers.

Accessing the CSS Editor

To begin, I access the CSS editor by navigating to Design and selecting Custom CSS. This panel is my gateway to inject custom styles and override the default Squarespace styling for buttons.

Writing Custom CSS for Buttons

I write CSS rules specifically targeting button elements. For instance, to change a button's background color, I use the class .sqs-block-button-element like this:

.sqs-block-button-element {

background-color: #ffa07a; /* Soft salmon pink */


I can also modify hover states to enhance interactivity:

.sqs-block-button-element:hover {

background-color: #ff4500; /* Vivid orange */


Previewing CSS Changes

As I apply changes in the CSS editor, Squarespace provides a live preview. I ensure my customizations translate well on all devices by using the Device View feature, toggling between desktop, tablet, and mobile presentations to confirm my CSS delivers a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When customizing the button colors on a Squarespace site, I sometimes encounter issues where changes do not appear as expected or I need to revert back to the original styling. Below, I've outlined steps to address these common concerns.

Color Changes Not Reflecting

If your color changes aren't showing up, first, I recommend checking your Site Styles. Ensure you have saved the changes and that they are applied to the correct Design > Site Styles > Colors section. If that's correct, clear your browser's cache or try viewing the page in a different browser to see if the changes reflect there.

Common causes when changes don't reflect:

  • Unsaved changes: Always click 'Save' before exiting the style editor.

  • Browser cache: Clear cache or use an incognito window to check updates.

  • Incorrect theme: Ensure you’re modifying the right color theme tied to the button’s section.

Additionally, if you've used Custom CSS to alter the button's color, confirm there's no type in the CSS code and that the class or ID is correctly targeted. If the problem persists, remember that complex customizations might require the specificity of the CSS selectors to be carefully managed.

Reverting to Default Button Colors

To revert button colors to the default, navigate to the Design > Site Styles and click on the colors you assigned to your button. Then, choose the default palette or manually set the color values to the original ones provided by Squarespace.

Steps to reset to the default color:

  1. Go to Design > Site Styles.

  2. Click on the Colors used for buttons.

  3. Select the Default palette or input the original color values.

Should you wish to remove Custom CSS, locate the lines of code that dictate button colors within the Design > Custom CSS section and delete them. Remember to remove any affecting classes or IDs from your site’s elements as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I'll cover how to modify button colors within your Squarespace website, providing specific methods for various button types and settings.

How can I customize the color of buttons in Squarespace?

To change the color of your Squarespace buttons, go to the "Design" panel, select "Buttons" from the "Site Styles" menu, and choose from the color options presented for the "Primary," "Secondary," or "Tertiary" button styles.

Is there a way to alter the hue of an 'Add to Cart' button on my Squarespace site?

Yes, updating the 'Add to Cart' button color involves navigating to "Design" and then "Site Styles," where you can adjust the button style settings for various button types, including 'Add to Cart'.

What are the steps to adjust the button link color in a Squarespace section?

I can adjust the link color of a button in a section by entering the "Edit" mode of that specific section, choosing "Design," followed by "Site Styles," and then making color adjustments under "Buttons".

Can I change the style and color of my header buttons in Squarespace?

Certainly, I can alter the style and color of the buttons in my site's header by accessing "Design" and "Site Styles" within the "Header" section, ensuring consistency and brand alignment throughout my site.

What's the procedure for applying custom colors to button links in Squarespace?

For custom button color, I'll use CSS. By adding custom code through "Design" and then "Custom CSS," I can uniquely style button links with specific color hex codes.

How do I implement a unique button color for a specific section on my Squarespace website?

I'll create a distinctive button color for a section by applying a separate color theme to that section through the "Design" panel, offering a unique visual cue within my website’s layout.

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Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!

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