Mobile Editing Hacks Squarespace: Streamline Your Site Management on the Go

By Akim Perminov

Founder & Lead Designer

Navigate Blocks with Keyboard Arrows

Experience precision in arranging your website elements by utilizing the arrow keys on your keyboard. This tip is particularly useful in Squarespace's Fluid Engine, where manually moving blocks with your mouse can occasionally be temperamental.

  • No More Dragging: Simply tap the keys to shift blocks in any direction.

  • Grid Alignment: Blocks automatically align within the layout's grid, enhancing accuracy.

  • Eliminate Overlap Confusion: Arrow key movements reduce the chance of mistakenly selecting overlapping blocks.

Employ this method for a smoother editing experience and to ensure each block lands exactly where you intend.

Manipulating Mobile Layout Sequence

Squarespace designs for mobile views initially reflect the sequence of block addition in the desktop version. These blocks may require reordering to better suit the flow on mobile devices. For a more efficient arrangement:

  • Utilize the vertical "order" arrows—found in the mobile editor—to shift blocks.

  • To elevate a block, click the upward arrow. This places it above the existing block.

  • To demote, the downward arrow sends a block below its current neighbor.

Remember, an update might soon automate this based on your desktop's spatial layout, not the addition order. While improvements are anticipated, manual tweaking will likely be necessary to achieve the best mobile presentation.

Enhance Your Page Structure

To streamline your content, consider dividing it into several distinct sections. By doing so, you not only facilitate quicker rearrangements but also reduce potential technical hiccups, particularly when editing on mobile devices.

  • Uniform Appearance: If a singular look is preferred, configure each section's backdrop and reduce padding to the minimum. This will visually mimic a single expansive block.

  • Efficient Management: Changing the order of content becomes straightforward with the use of upward and downward motion controls.

  • Smooth Mobile Experience: Managing smaller content blocks can significantly improve the editing process on mobile, making it less prone to delays and errors.

Remember to tackle your webpage in manageable segments for easier, more flexible editing.

Adjusting Section Size with Row Settings

In Squarespace Fluid Engine, optimizing your section size is straightforward, especially when eliminating unnecessary rows. Often, these additional rows seem to multiply, particularly when designing for mobile views.

To streamline your editing process, make it a routine to modify the Row Count directly in the Section Settings. This alternative to dragging the blue arrow is more reliable and eliminates the common glitches associated with on-screen adjustments.

Here's how to adjust rows efficiently:

  • Navigate to Section Settings.

  • Locate the Row Count option.

  • Instead of dragging, tap the arrow keys to increase or decrease the number of rows.

Using the keyboard ensures a smoother editing experience and maintains the layout's integrity without frustration. Embrace this method to keep your mobile site looking sharp and glitch-free.

Gain an advantage

Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!

Gain an advantage

Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!