Enhance Your Squarespace Store: Quick Guide to Removing Shipping Choices (Easy!)

By Akim Perminov

Founder & Lead Designer

Running an online store means juggling a lot of balls, and one of the trickiest can be your shipping options. If you're using Squarespace, tweaking these settings is key to keeping your store up-to-date and user-friendly. Sometimes, that means saying goodbye to a shipping option that no longer fits your business. Whether you're fine-tuning your delivery strategy or changing up your product line, mastering Squarespace's shipping settings is a must.

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of adjusting your shipping options, don't worry. Squarespace has made it surprisingly easy. You can remove specific shipping methods with just a few clicks, keeping your customers clear of any outdated or incorrect info. This is super important for keeping their trust and giving them a smooth, professional shopping experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how to modify shipping settings is crucial for a seamless customer experience.

  • Squarespace’s system allows for straightforward adjustments to shipping methods.

  • Ensuring accurate shipping information is key to maintaining customer trust.

Understanding Shipping Options in Squarespace


When managing an online store on Squarespace, shipping settings are crucial for delivering products to customers. Squarespace provides a range of shipping options to accommodate different vendor requirements.

Firstly, I need to differentiate between product types. For physical products, shipping is necessary, while services or digital products do not require shipping. Squarespace allows me to set specific shipping rules for different types of products.

Here's how these settings are organized in Squarespace:

  • Flat Rate: This option allows me to charge a set fee for all orders. It is straightforward and easy to manage.

Shipping TypeDescriptionStandard ShippingA basic rate applied to all orders regardless of size or weight.Expedited ShippingHigher fees for faster delivery.

  • Carrier Calculated: I can choose to calculate shipping costs based on real-time rates from carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. This method uses product weight and dimensions to determine the cost.

  • Free Shipping: I can incentivize my customers by offering free shipping, either as a standard option or above a certain order value.

  • Local Pickup: If I operate a brick-and-mortar store or have a physical location for pickup, this option allows customers to skip shipping entirely.

  • Custom Rates: These can be based on weight, order total, or quantity, giving me finer control over shipping prices.

If I discover I don't require shipping, like when selling services, Squarespace lets me remove shipping entirely. It's simply a matter of deselecting the shipping option for those products or services, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for my customers. The help pages within Squarespace, such as Removing shipping from service and Shipping and delivery, provide guided assistance for specific shipping setup scenarios.

Accessing Squarespace Shipping Settings

Managing shipping options effectively is crucial for the smooth operation of an e-commerce store on Squarespace. Here's how I navigate the shipping settings to make any necessary adjustments.

Navigating to the Shipping Panel

To begin adjusting my shipping options, I first log in to my Squarespace account. From there, I locate the Home Menu, and click on Commerce, followed by Shipping. This action takes me directly to the Shipping & Delivery page where all shipping options are listed and can be managed.

Using the Squarespace Menu

While using the Squarespace Menu, I find the interface intuitive. Each section is clearly marked, and accessing the Shipping section is no exception. Within two clicks from the main dashboard—Commerce and then Shipping—I reach the area where shipping methods and rates can be created, modified, or removed.

Editing an Existing Shipping Option

When managing an online store on Squarespace, it's essential to know how to adjust your shipping offerings. I'll guide you through locating your current shipping options and detailing the steps to remove a specific option.

Locating the Desired Shipping Option

Firstly, I navigate to the Shipping & Delivery page within my Squarespace dashboard. This is where I see a comprehensive list of all my shipping options. The key is to find the shipping option that I wish to remove or edit. By locating the edit button next to the relevant shipping option, I can proceed to modify it as needed.

Removing Options Step-by-Step

Once I've located the shipping option that requires removal, the process is straightforward:

  1. Click the Edit button beside the shipping option in question.

  2. At the bottom of the option's settings, I’ll find a Remove button.

  3. I confirm the removal of the shipping option when prompted.

Upon removal, the shipping option will no longer be available to customers during the checkout process. It's crucial to save any changes to ensure that the adjustments take effect.

Alternative Methods to Adjust Shipping

In navigating the limitations of shipping options on Squarespace, I've learned a couple of alternative methods that can help tailor the shipping experience to better meet the needs of a diverse product range.

Disabling Shipping For a Product

When I need to disable shipping for a specific product, Squarespace itself doesn't provide a direct method to do this. However, I have found a useful workaround: I mark the product as a Service instead of a Physical item. This tells the system that the product doesn’t require shipping. Here are the steps I follow:

  1. Go to the Inventory panel.

  2. Select the product I want to change.

  3. Under the Pricing & Variants tab, I check Service to indicate no shipping.

Utilizing Custom Shipping Rules

Squarespace allows for the creation of custom shipping rules, which gives me some flexibility. To utilize custom shipping rules effectively, I often structure them based on weight or order total. This method doesn't remove a shipping option per se but can be set in such a way that it becomes irrelevant under certain conditions. Here’s a quick guide on setting them up:

  • By Weight: I create tiers based on product weight that correspond with shipping costs.

  • By Order Total: I implement shipping costs that are conditional on the order's total cost.

To access custom shipping rules, I navigate to the Shipping & Delivery page in my Squarespace dashboard, and from there, adjust according to the needs of my store.

Confirming Changes to Shipping Options

When I make changes to shipping options in Squarespace, it's important for me to ensure that those adjustments are properly saved and implemented. Here's how I confirm the changes:

  1. Save the Changes: After altering a shipping option, I hit the Save button. This ensures my modifications are stored.

  2. Review Settings: To review, I go back to the Shipping & Delivery page to verify that my changes are visible there.

  3. Test the Checkout Process: I run a test by going through the checkout process as a customer to make sure the correct options are displayed and that any I wanted removed are no longer available.

  4. Email Confirmation: Sometimes, I might receive an email confirmation from Squarespace summarizing the changes made to my shipping settings.

By following these steps, I confidently confirm that my shipping options are updated on my Squarespace site, creating a smoother experience for my customers.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In my experience with Squarespace, I've found that most issues related to shipping settings can be resolved with a few key steps. Below, I outline common solutions and ways to seek further assistance if needed.

FAQs for Shipping Settings

Q: How do I remove shipping information for services?A: If you're providing services that don't require shipping, it's crucial to adjust your Squarespace order confirmation emails. You may need to customize the email templates to ensure they're relevant to your service offerings. For more detailed instructions, I recommend the discussion available on the Squarespace Forum.

Q: What if I only sell digital products?A: Squarespace typically requires a billing address but can remove the shipping address field when only digital items are present in the cart. When a physical item is removed, the shipping section should also disappear at checkout. For a step-by-step solution, check out the forum post on how to Remove Shipping Address Requirement for Digital Products.

Q: Can I edit my existing shipping options?A: Yes, you can edit your shipping options to suit your business needs. It is as straightforward as logging into your Squarespace account, navigating to the Shipping & Delivery page, and editing the desired shipping option. For guidance on changing shipping options, this website offers a clear explanation: How Do I Change Shipping Options on Squarespace.

Contacting Squarespace Support

If you've looked through the FAQs and still haven’t solved your issue, reaching out to Squarespace Support is the next step. They have comprehensive resources on Shipping and Delivery as well as direct support channels. It's important to be specific about your problem when seeking help, as this will enable the support team to provide you with the most efficient assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I'll address some common concerns you might have when adjusting the shipping settings for your Squarespace store.

What steps are involved in turning off shipping for specific products on Squarespace?

To remove shipping from a service or digital product on Squarespace, ensure the product is set as a service, not physical. No shipping rates will apply to these types of products once you've made this change.

How can I set up different shipping options for different products in Squarespace?

Squarespace allows you to create different shipping options by setting up shipping rules for each product based on weight, price, or flat rates, thus providing flexibility for various product needs.

What is the process to establish Squarespace fulfillment profiles?

To establish fulfillment profiles on Squarespace, you can configure profiles that match your products with fulfillment services, and then assign these profiles to your products accordingly.

Could you explain how to configure a shipping calculator on Squarespace?

Configuring a shipping calculator ensures that customers pay exactly what shipping costs. On Squarespace, you do this by enabling Carrier Calculated Shipping and linking your account with a carrier like USPS or FedEx.

Is it possible to offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount in Squarespace?

Yes, it's definitely possible. You can easily set up a free shipping option on Squarespace that triggers once a customer’s order total meets a specified amount.

How can I manage international shipping settings in Squarespace?

Managing international shipping in Squarespace involves setting rules which include country specifications. You can add international rates and define which countries you're willing to ship to right from your shipping settings.

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Gain an advantage

Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!