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Integrate ConvertKit with Squarespace: A Seamless Guide (2024)

For marketers and content creators using Squarespace to showcase their work, integrating ConvertKit can add a powerful dimension to their digital strategy. Embedding ConvertKit forms into a Squarespace site enables a seamless way to grow mailing lists and engage with an audience. Moreover, by syncing Squarespace forms with ConvertKit, users can ensure that every subscriber is directly funneled into their mailing campaigns.

Expanding this functionality to Squarespace's e-commerce platform allows for sophisticated marketing automation. Businesses can set up post-purchase sequences in ConvertKit, elevating the customer experience after they've completed a transaction. This cohesive integration between website management and email marketing tools creates opportunities for targeted communication and detailed subscriber segmentation.

Key Takeaways

  • ConvertKit forms can be integrated into Squarespace sites to enhance audience engagement.

  • Squarespace forms and ConvertKit can be connected for streamlined mailing list management.

  • Squarespace Commerce can be linked with ConvertKit for automated marketing after purchases.

Embedding ConvertKit Forms into Squarespace

Incorporating ConvertKit forms into a Squarespace site involves a straightforward process. Users need to sign in to their ConvertKit dashboard, and within the dashboard, locate the "Landing Pages & Forms" section. One can either select a pre-existing form or initiate a new one by choosing "Create New." When creating a new inline form, select "Form," move to "Inline," and then select a template.

Once the form is selected, the user can personalize it by changing elements such as colors, fonts, and images to match their branding. To embed the form, one should click "Embed" found in the top right corner and copy the provided JavaScript code.

The next step is to switch over to the Squarespace site, position a "Code Block" in the desired area, and paste the copied JavaScript code after clearing the default code in the block. Lastly, users should finalize the process by pressing "Apply" followed by "Save."

To further tailor the inline form's appearance, custom CSS can be applied for more specific stylization.

For those preferring a popup or slide-in form, it's advisable to utilize Squarespace’s inbuilt popup form capabilities and to integrate it with ConvertKit using services like Zapier as opposed to direct embedding from ConvertKit.

Integrating Squarespace Forms with ConvertKit

When you want to direct responses from a Squarespace form or newsletter to ConvertKit, set Zapier as the storage option in the settings of the respective element.

To establish the connection:

  • Access Zapier and initiate a new automation with the Make a New Zap option.

  • For the app selection, choose Squarespace and then specify New Form Submission as the trigger event.

  • After clicking Continue, link your Squarespace account or add it if it is not already connected.

  • With the account linked, perform a test to confirm the setup, following the steps to Test & Continue.

  • Next, for the action app, pick ConvertKit and then choose the Add Subscriber to Form action event.

  • Connect your ConvertKit account, if not already done, and then opt for the specific form to which you'd like to add subscribers.

  • Assign the Email field to map the email address from the form submissions.

  • You may also map the first and last name fields if they exist in your form.

  • Decide if new subscribers should be enrolled in an email sequence immediately.

  • After configuring the fields, perform another test with Test & Continue.

  • If the test succeeds, finalize by naming your Zap and enabling it.

  • Should there be a pre-existing Zap for the same Squarespace form with a different email service, consider deactivating it to prevent conflicts.

These steps will ensure a seamless flow of subscriber data from Squarespace to ConvertKit, enhancing your email marketing efforts.

Connecting Your Online Store to Email Marketing

Integrating ConvertKit with Squarespace Commerce enhances your ability to follow up with customers after a purchase. This integration can be particularly beneficial for extending offers beyond the standard Squarespace download window, soliciting product reviews or feedback, providing customer support, and cross-selling.

This feature demands an active subscription to Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce plan. Below are the steps for a smooth integration:

  1. Access your Squarespace site’s Settings, navigate to Advanced settings, and locate Developer API Keys to create a new key.

  2. Designate the API key with a distinctive name like “ConvertKit” for easy identification.

  3. Enable permissions by selecting Orders and the Read and Write options.

  4. After generation, ensure you copy the API key.

Next, switch to your ConvertKit account:

  1. Proceed to the Automations tab, find Integrations, and select Squarespace.

  2. Enter the previously copied Squarespace API key and synchronize your orders.

To set up your post-purchase email sequence in ConvertKit:

  1. Visit the Sequences section in your dashboard.

  2. Craft the sequence tailored for post-purchase engagement.

  3. Create a New Automation and use Purchase as the trigger event.

  4. Choose Squarespace in the integration menu and the specific product for the sequence.

  5. Employ the visual automation builder to finalize your sequence.

For those not using ConvertKit, considering a free trial could offer insights into its benefits. Additionally, sharing this information on Pinterest may assist others in discovering these integration capabilities.

Common Questions

Integrating ConvertKit Form with Squarespace Sites

To join ConvertKit forms with a Squarespace page, follow these steps:

  • Access your ConvertKit account and choose the form you'd like to add.

  • Use the form builder to customize your form.

  • Copy the provided embed code once the form is ready.

  • On your Squarespace site, navigate to the page or post editor.

  • Click an insert point and choose the "Code" block to add the form.

  • Paste the copied embed code into the code block and save your changes.

Comparison of Email Marketing Features: ConvertKit vs Squarespace

The key distinctions in email marketing tools offered by ConvertKit and Squarespace include:


  • Tailored mainly for bloggers and content creators.

  • Advanced email sequencing, tagging, and automation options.

  • Subscriber-based pricing structure.


  • Simplified email campaign tool beneficial for website-centric marketing.

  • Includes basic email marketing and automation features.

  • Pricing can be based on the number of emails sent.

Conversion Tracking on Squarespace Using ConvertKit

Tracking site activity and conversions from Squarespace within ConvertKit:

  • Embed ConvertKit forms or landing pages to capture leads.

  • Use ConvertKit’s analytics dashboard to monitor form conversions and email interactions.

  • For detailed tracking, connect Squarespace Analytics to get a holistic view of user behavior.

Automation Connection between ConvertKit and Squarespace

Available automation solutions that bridge ConvertKit and Squarespace include:

  • Zapier: Facilitates the creation of custom 'Zaps' to automate workflows.

  • Integrately: Offers pre-made integrations to connect apps.

  • Built-in Squarespace Email Campaigns feature: Allows for basic automation synced with site activity.

Pricing and Feature Analysis: ConvertKit vs Squarespace Marketing Tools

Analyzing the costs and offerings of ConvertKit in relation to Squarespace’s native marketing functionalities reveals:

  • ConvertKit provides a subscriber-centric pricing model with tiered features.

  • Squarespace offers a flat rate for campaigns, including a set number of emails per month.

  • Advanced automation and segmentation are generally more comprehensive in ConvertKit.

Setting Up ConvertKit Landing Pages on Squarespace

The essential steps involved in deploying a ConvertKit landing page on Squarespace consist of:

  • Create your landing page using ConvertKit’s builder and personalize it to your liking.

  • Once complete, obtain the embed code for the landing page.

  • Place this code into a Squarespace page via a "Code" block.

  • Customize the Squarespace page settings as necessary to match the look and feel of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I'll address common questions about integrating ConvertKit and Squarespace to enhance your email marketing efforts and streamline your workflow.

How can I add a ConvertKit form to my Squarespace website?

To add a ConvertKit form to your Squarespace site, you'll need to create your email form in ConvertKit and then embed the provided code into a code block on your Squarespace page. This method enables you to capture subscriber information directly on your website. For a detailed guide, you can read more about this process on the ConvertKit Help Center.

Can Squarespace handle ConvertKit payments and purchases?

If you run an advanced ecommerce plan on Squarespace, you can leverage ConvertKit's purchase feature to manage payments and purchases. This functionality is particularly useful for store owners who wish to integrate their ecommerce activities with their email marketing campaigns. I recommend reading up on the commerce integration option for ConvertKit and Squarespace users.

Is it possible to set up a ConvertKit custom domain with Squarespace?

Setting up a ConvertKit custom domain with Squarespace typically involves configuring DNS settings to ensure your marketing emails come from a branded email domain. While the specifics may vary, this setup is generally possible and helps to maintain brand consistency. Squarepsace's own domain management settings provide further insight.

How do I automate email campaigns on Squarespace using ConvertKit?

Using ConvertKit, you can automate your email campaigns by setting up sequences that trigger based on specific actions taken by your subscribers. This involves using ConvertKit's automation rules which integrate with Squarespace to provide a seamless user experience. Automation ensures consistent engagement with your audience. Further tips for Squarespace and ConvertKit automation are available.

Are there any alternatives to Mailchimp that work well with Squarespace like ConvertKit?

Yes, besides Mailchimp, ConvertKit is a notable alternative that integrates well with Squarespace. It offers advanced automation, segmentation features, and the ability to generate leads and engagement online which are essential for sophisticated email marketing strategies. For examples of how to use the two platforms effectively, take a look at Kate Scott's blog for video tutorials on the integration methods.

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