Squarespace Charges: Understanding Fees and Subscriptions

By Akim Perminov

Founder & Lead Designer

Understanding Squarespace charges is essential for anyone looking to establish an online presence using this popular website building and hosting platform. Squarespace is known for its straightforward pricing structure, offering different plans tailored to various needs, from personal websites to full-fledged online stores. Users can choose a plan that aligns with their objectives, ensuring they pay for the features they need without unnecessary extras.

One critical aspect to keep in mind when choosing a Squarespace plan is the potential for additional charges. Depending on the selected plan, users may encounter fees for transactions, premium integrations, or domains. It's important for users to familiarize themselves with what is included in their subscription and what may incur extra costs. Moreover, understanding the payment schedule, available discounts, and the refund policy can help users manage their expenditures effectively and make the most out of their Squarespace experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Various Squarespace plans cater to different online presence needs with specific features.

  • Users should be aware of potential additional charges beyond the subscription fee.

  • Knowledge of billing cycles, discounts, and refund policies is crucial for effective cost management.

Squarespace Pricing Overview

When exploring Squarespace's pricing structure, I find it structured into four distinct plans, catering to a variety of needs from personal projects to large e-commerce businesses. Each plan has its set of features and is billed on a monthly or annual basis.

The Personal plan is the entry-level option suitable for basic site needs. It costs $16 per month when billed annually, or $23 billed monthly.

For professionals looking for more advanced features, the Business plan is a step up, offering extensive customization capabilities and marketing tools. This plan is set at $26 per month with annual billing, or $33 monthly.

Squarespace also offers specialized plans for e-commerce. The Basic Commerce plan, designed for small online stores, has a pricing point of $35 per month on an annual basis or $46 monthly. This includes no transaction fees and powerful commerce metrics.

At the pinnacle of Squarespace offerings is the Advanced Commerce plan, perfect for larger online stores that require more advanced features. This comes in at $54 per month when billed annually, or $65 on a monthly schedule.

PlanAnnual BillingMonthly BillingPersonal$16/month$23/monthBusiness$26/month$33/monthBasic Commerce$35/month$46/monthAdvanced Commerce$54/month$65/month

I find these prices include the complete package for each plan with no hidden fees, and one particular benefit is that pricing won't increase upon renewal, according to Squarespace's policy.

Subscription Plans


Squarespace offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to meet diverse website and e-commerce needs, with a straightforward monthly fee structure.

Personal Plan

My basic website needs are easily met with the Personal Plan, which is suitable for individuals looking to publish a professional site. This plan is billed at $16 monthly when paid annually, or $23 monthly when paid month-to-month.

Business Plan

For small businesses, I recommend the Business Plan with extended features. It costs $23 per month with an annual payment, or $33 on a monthly basis. Additional benefits include professional email and full customization capabilities.

Basic Commerce Plan

When starting an online store, the Basic Commerce Plan is an ideal starting point for me. The cost is $27 per month with an annual subscription and includes no transaction fees, or $36 per month if I prefer not to commit annually.

Advanced Commerce Plan

For a fully-fledged online store, the Advanced Commerce Plan offers advanced features to expand my online business. At $49 per month with annual billing or $65 monthly, it encompasses advanced shipping, discounts, and the ability to sell subscriptions.

Additional Charges

When opting for Squarespace to build and manage a website, it's important to be aware of potential additional charges beyond the base subscription fees. These include costs for domain registration, email marketing, and transaction fees.

Domain Registration Fees

After the first year of service, I need to pay annually to keep my custom domain. The pricing varies depending on the domain's TLD (Top-Level Domain), but typically starts around $20 to $70 per year. Specific domain extensions may have higher registration costs.

Email Marketing Costs

Squarespace Email Campaigns allow me to send marketing emails directly through my website platform. The cost depends on the number of campaigns I plan to send and the number of email recipients. Pricing starts at $7 per month for the Starter plan, which includes three campaigns per month and up to 500 emails per campaign.

Transaction Fees

If I'm using Squarespace's Commerce plans, I might be subject to transaction fees on sales. On the Business plan, for example, there's a 3% transaction fee on all sales. However, upgrading to Squarespace's Commerce plans can eliminate these transaction fees. Additionally, payment processors like Stripe or PayPal may charge their own fees, which usually are about 2.9% plus 30 cents per successful transaction.

Billing and Payment Methods

When managing a Squarespace website, I find it imperative to understand how billing works and what payment methods are accepted. This ensures seamless services and no interruptions due to payment issues.

Accepted Payment Methods

Squarespace supports a variety of payment methods to accommodate users globally. My experience has shown that the platform accepts most major debit and credit cards, which include:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • Discover

It is important to note that prepaid cards and PayPal are not accepted for subscription payments.

Billing Cycles

Squarespace provides two billing cycles:

  1. Monthly - I get billed every 30 days.

  2. Annual - I enjoy a lower rate by paying for the year upfront.

Customers can switch their billing cycles depending on their convenience. Remember that changing from monthly to annual will take effect at the start of the next billing period.

Discounts and Offers

When considering Squarespace for your website, I recommend exploring various discounts and offers that can provide substantial savings. Pay attention to the benefits of annual commitments and student status, both of which can offer significant value.

Annual Subscription Discount

By opting for an annual subscription, you benefit from a reduced monthly rate compared to the month-to-month pricing. Squarespace rewards this upfront commitment with a discount that, according to Forbes Advisor, can lower your monthly costs considerably. Let's break this down:

  • Monthly Costs: When paid annually, the monthly cost ranges from $16 to $49 depending on the plan.

  • Comparison: The same plans when paid monthly range from $23 to $65.

This clearly illustrates the financial advantage of the annual payment option.

Student Discount

If you're a student, Squarespace provides an additional incentive to get you started on your online project. A student discount can net you a 50% reduction on your first year with Squarespace. Remember to have your academic eligibility handy to take advantage of this offer. Here's the simple breakdown:

  • Discount: Save 50% on your first year.

  • Requirement: Valid academic identification and eligibility.

Understanding these offerings can make your investment in Squarespace more cost-effective while you enjoy the platform's robust features.

Cancellation and Refunds

When managing a Squarespace account, it's important for me to understand the specifics of the refund policy and the steps for account cancellation.

Refund Policy

According to the Squarespace Help Center, if I am looking to obtain a refund, I must act within a specific timeframe. For annual subscription plans, I have a 14-day window from the initial purchase to cancel and receive a full refund. It's critical to note that refunds are not provided for monthly subscriptions or for renewal payments.

Account Cancellation Process

If I decide to cancel my Squarespace subscription, I have two main options. I can either deactivate my website immediately or set it to expire at the end of the billing cycle. The Help Center provides a detailed guide on canceling an order and issuing a refund, where I can find step-by-step instructions for both methods.

Support and Resources

In this section, I'll outline the support options available for Squarespace users encountering unexpected charges, as well as where to find learning materials and community forums for further guidance.

Customer Support Services

I want to emphasize the importance of Squarespace's dedicated support team in resolving billing issues. If I notice an unexpected charge from Squarespace, I can reach out directly to their Customer Support for clarification. They provide a helpful guide on investigating unexpected charges from Squarespace, which steps me through the process of understanding the charge and how I can address it.

Learning and Community Resources

When it comes to expanding my knowledge and connecting with other users, Squarespace has wealthy learning and community resources. I can take advantage of their Webinars, how-to guides, and a Community Forum where I can discuss my concerns with fellow users. This collective knowledge base often provides insights into managing my website's finances more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I discuss some of the most common inquiries about Squarespace’s billing processes, including how their subscription fees stack up against competitors, the variety of payment plans they offer, and ways to handle billing issues.

How do Squarespace subscription fees compare with other website builders?

My research indicates that Squarespace offers competitive pricing, with a range of plans tailored to different needs. While each website builder has unique features, Squarespace's prices are comparable, often seen as a balance between cost and value.

What are the different payment plans available on Squarespace?

Squarespace provides several payment plans, including monthly and yearly subscriptions. The options range from basic plans suitable for personal use to advanced plans designed for businesses that require additional features such as e-commerce capabilities.

How can I find and apply Squarespace promo codes?

Promo codes for Squarespace may be available through various promotions or partnerships. To apply one to your purchase, enter the code at checkout and the discount should be reflected in your total.

What should I do if there's an unexpected charge from Squarespace on my bill?

If you notice an unexpected charge from Squarespace, it's best to contact Squarespace's customer support immediately. They can help identify the charge and resolve any billing discrepancies.

Can domain purchases on Squarespace be billed monthly or annually?

Squarespace's domain registration is typically billed annually. This ensures that your domain name is secured for a full year without the need for monthly renewals.

What customer service options does Squarespace offer for billing inquiries?

For any billing inquiries, Squarespace offers extensive customer support, including live chat, email assistance, and a comprehensive help center that provides guidance on a range of topics related to charges and billing practices.

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Gain an advantage

Having trouble with making your website work? Upgrade your brand in 7 days with our agency-level Squarespace templates!