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Link Squarespace and Thinkific: Seamless Integration Guide

Creating passive income through online courses has gained immense popularity, granting individuals the chance to earn revenue on autopilot. By leveraging your knowledge in a specialized field, you can construct and offer courses on your own website, setting a price for participants to gain access and learn. Thinkific, a robust online platform, serves as a launchpad for hosting these courses and personal coaching sessions. Its noteworthy advantage, especially for course creators, is its policy of not taking a share of your income, allowing you to keep the entirety of your course sales.

Integrating Thinkific with your Squarespace website can significantly streamline the process for your audience to discover and enroll in your courses. This integration provides a seamless transition from browsing your existing website or blog to engaging in online education. Follow a structured series of steps to anchor your Thinkific courses onto your Squarespace platform, enhancing the educational offerings directly on your site.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a course on Thinkific and integrate it with your Squarespace website for a seamless user experience.

  • Use a sales widget to facilitate the purchase process for your online course right from your existing site.

  • Simplify navigation by adding your Thinkific course link to your Squarespace navigation bar, making it easy to find.

Begin Your Thinkific Journey: Course Creation

  • Sign up for a Thinkific account.

  • Select a suitable pricing plan or start with the complimentary tier for a single course.

  • Proceed to add your course onto the Thinkific platform.

Step 2: Construct Your Sales Interface

After setting up your online course platform, the next move is to establish a sales interface within your website. This involves embedding an HTML snippet into your site for promotional purposes.

  • Navigate to your interface dashboard, select the Promotional Tools tab, and click on Sales Interface.

  • Choose the course you wish to highlight and customize the interface to align with your website's aesthetics.

  • Once content with the design, select Generate Code.

  • To acquire the HTML code, use the Copy Code option.

This process allows you to seamlessly connect your educational offerings to your Squarespace site, powering up your marketing and sales automation workflows. By doing so, you enable automatic triggers that facilitate and automate key sales processes.

Integrating a Sales Widget on Your Squarespace Site

Once you've chosen the perfect spot for your sales widget on your Squarespace site, whether it's a fresh page or part of an existing one, follow these steps:

  • In edit mode, navigate to the spot you want the widget.

  • Click to Add Block.

  • Select the Code block.

  • Use the pencil icon to bring up the code editor.

  • Insert the widget code here.

  • Preview the widget to ensure it displays correctly.

Your product's seamless checkout experience on the sales page is ready to engage customers.

Enhancing Your Site: Incorporating a Thinkific Shortcut in Your Menu

Enhancing your website by integrating direct access to a Thinkific platform can significantly elevate the user experience for those interested in your offerings. Inserting a Thinkific link within your site’s navigation bar not only enriches customization but also reinforces your branding through seamless navigation. Providing a straightforward pathway to course enrollment and information is crucial, and here's a quick guide to get you there:

  1. Navigate to the Home menu and opt for Pages.

  2. Spot the Main Navigation header and initiate a new entry by selecting the Plus (+) symbol.

  3. Choose Link located toward the menu's end.

  4. Fill in the display name for your navigation link and the Thinkific site URL.

  5. Hit the Cog icon to access further settings. Here, enable the feature to Open in New Window to keep your main site active for users exploring Thinkific content. Confirm your choice with Save.

  6. Finalize the process with another Save click. The navigation bar refreshes, revealing your new pathway to Thinkific.

Perfectly tailored for educators and entrepreneurs, this simple update to your site's navigation offers a more streamlined and professional user interface. It's a subtle yet powerful move, reinforcing the ease of access to the courses that fuel your online enterprise.

Common Inquiries

Setting Up a Custom Domain on Thinkific Using Squarespace

To connect a custom domain from Squarespace to your Thinkific site, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Squarespace account and select the domain you wish to use.

  • Access the DNS settings and add a CNAME record pointing to your Thinkific site.

  • Within Thinkific, go to the 'Settings' menu and select 'Site URL' to enter your custom domain.

  • Verify the domain connection in both Squarespace and Thinkific platforms to ensure it's correctly set up.

Instructions for Embedding a Thinkific Course on Squarespace with Iframe

Embed your Thinkific course into a Squarespace page using the following method:

  • In Thinkific, navigate to the course you wish to embed and select 'Share'.

  • Copy the iframe code provided.

  • On your Squarespace page, add a 'Code' block where you want the course to appear.

  • Paste the iframe code into the 'Code' block and save your changes.

Redirecting Your Squarespace Homepage to a Thinkific Landing Page

To redirect visitors from your Squarespace homepage to a Thinkific landing page:

  • Go to the 'Settings' panel on your Squarespace site.

  • Select 'Advanced' and then 'URL Mappings'.

  • Input the redirect information in the format: /(source) -> (target) 301

  • Replace (source) with the path you're redirecting from and (target) with your Thinkific landing page URL.

Finding Tutorials for Squarespace and Thinkific Integration

For guidance on integrating Squarespace with Thinkific:

  • Search Thinkific's knowledge base for specific tutorials.

  • Visit Squarespace forums and help guides for additional integration tips.

  • Explore YouTube for step-by-step video instructions created by other users.

  • Look for online courses that specialize in web platform integrations.

Customizing the Checkout Page for Thinkific Courses on Squarespace

To personalize the checkout experience for your Thinkific courses via Squarespace:

  • Use Thinkific’s built-in editor to modify the checkout page template to your liking.

  • Implement custom CSS or HTML through Thinkific to align with your brand's style.

  • After customizing the checkout page in Thinkific, ensure it seamlessly connects with your Squarespace navigation and design.

Accessing Customer Support for Squarespace and Thinkific Integration Issues

If you encounter problems with Squarespace and Thinkific integration:

  • Reach out to Thinkific's support team via their help center or email.

  • Use the live chat feature on the Thinkific website for real-time assistance.

  • Check for help resources on Squarespace’s customer care center.

  • Engage with community forums for both platforms to seek advice from other users.

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